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  1. s@ndz

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    This is hard for me.. 2015-2016 has been a significant period in my life, dovetailing with the RH era. First... I finally faced what I have known or suspected but willfully denied all my life: that there is NO GOD. Until mid-'15, I was a Catholic (and even had debates with some of you in the politics forum a few years back, defending Catholicism and the faith), and the shift has not been easy internally. I will not put down believers, though, nor lock a now closed door, but God has defaulted himself out for his perennial absenteeism. Literally, he/she/it is NOTHING. (I was planning a thread on this but.. nah) Yet, second... like lowee (but not quite in as close a manner) I've SEEN GOD, the flesh and bone, human goddess I've been worshiping since she burst forth into the world in the early 80s. This goddess does NOT purport herself perfect, but she is perfect. A true human living a phenomenal life of inspiration. When I saw her, at long last, it was two of the best nights EVER. She didn't disappoint. I LOVE HER. I was never an addict, but after the shows, I now know full well what withdrawal means. The Queen's Rebel era, especially the tour, will forever be in my Heart.
  2. s@ndz

    Barbra Streisand

    I LOVE BARBRA!!! I AGREE, SHE'S PERFECT! A REAL STAR! Not like those media-hyped SEMI-STARS like Beyawnce and the rest. There is only one star who is greater and who I love more: MADONNA. I LOVE THIS THREAD!!! PUD!!! So ON POINT!
  3. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    For either or both nights: Like A Prayer was transcendental Crazy For You (feb. 25) was emotionally special Deeper and Deeper was just.. amazing.. a highlight.. I can't get enough of the mix/arrangement! TB was sing along heaven M's vocals.. esp. on HBC-LDLHA, CFY, WTG, LVER, LAP, TB, You Light Up My Life (), were ON FIRE! M's banter was HILARIOUS & lovably bitchy-- she's got a stand up future! The dance interludes were pure ART pieces Loved the backdrops- so amazing and so in sync with communicating the music (though many of you here say MDNA's were better) And oh.. Big Mijo was just mouthwateringly DELICIOUS Kupuno was hot esp during Deeper and Deeper
  4. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    This is very late.. and I would usually launch into a 3-page essay, but, really.. all I wanna say is last Feb. 24 and 25, I had TWO OF THE BEST NIGHTS OF MY LIFE!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! I'm so proud of my Queen and I'm so proud of myself for being her fan all these years
  5. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    That's my reaction when I saw the prices of the merch! And Wu Xing I'm one of those who got a cap and I Love it! And I find Mary Mac funny and Whitney's I wanna dance with somebody was her highlight
  6. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    But they can't afford going! Well Madonna might donate to their orphanage but she as hell won't give them free tickets!
  7. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    OMG. What would those orphanage nuns do if they see the Holy Water performance!
  8. s@ndz

    Manila February 24

    Hi guys I'm sooo excited! After 33 years of fandom I'm seeing her at last!! Unfortunately I'm alone as my sister and friends bailed out due to work commitments, the expense of going to manila and the pricey tickets! Maybe I'll see some of u.. Have fun!!!
  9. My god(ess)!... Madonna is endlessly fascinating! She reminds me (as if she needs to) why I'm so proud of her and why I'm so proud of myself for being a fan of her!
  10. So true. It's as if two liberal impulses-- the PC aversion to ANY form of thought/action that may be construed as "religious bigotry" and the promotion of human rights-- collide and they are left confused if not utterly brainless. Islam itself is EVIL. When I say evil, I don't mean it as something representative of any supernatural force, but as something humans have and do that brings about great inhumanity. And people are so afraid to call it for what it is that they dance around it, thereby not really addressing the core problem/reason behind all these Islamic extremism. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam, especially the women and the LGBT among them. It's shocking that for some, the fight for women's and LGBT's rights stops when the sphere of religion-- specifically Islam's-- begins. I got somewhere that if "fundamentalist" Muslims are encouraged to kill, maim, subjugate/enslave, and kill again in the most barbaric ways, then it tells you A LOT about the "fundamental" of that religion. I agree that most Muslims are peace loving people-- or at least, they seem that way.. but the problem is, they can't seem to have a UNIFIED VOICE against extremism. Yes, there are Muslims "denouncing" extremism here and there, saying ISIS and other such groups are not following "real" Islam; but, they can't seem to speak out as one great mass of Muslims. They never did during 9/11. And perhaps never will. It is easier to mobilize them to mass action when they feel slighted, like when Charlie Hebdo satirized Muhammad. I'm of the belief that most Muslims are peace loving IN SPITE of Islam, NOT because of it.
  11. Yes, the US has had a role in the creation of some of the world's troubles either through its own power plays (whether earnestly for advancing democracy or for its own self-serving intent) or even just plain neglect. But, god, this can be overplayed at the expense of common sense! Let's be clear: ISIS is because of ISLAM. Whoever covers up this glaring fact with another reason is deluded. Islam, from its founder (and thus its inception) and to its texts, has ALWAYS BEEN VIOLENT and about violence and about SUBJUGATION of another. Those who say that ISIS just misinterprets what Islam is ARE deluded. Saying that the Quran or the Islamic hadith is open to interpretation (other than what the texts PLAINLY lay out!) are either deluding themselves or are actually practicing taqiya.
  12. s@ndz

    Prague - November 7

    I'm soooo tempted to watch clips already! February is so far away..
  13. Hillary is just AMAZING. 11-hour interrogation (basically) and she maintained composure. She has her flaws but, seriously, she IS the best in a presidential field littered with clowns and nothings. She will be president. Rightfully so.
  14. Does this remind you of someone?