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  1. So true. It's as if two liberal impulses-- the PC aversion to ANY form of thought/action that may be construed as "religious bigotry" and the promotion of human rights-- collide and they are left confused if not utterly brainless. Islam itself is EVIL. When I say evil, I don't mean it as something representative of any supernatural force, but as something humans have and do that brings about great inhumanity. And people are so afraid to call it for what it is that they dance around it, thereby not really addressing the core problem/reason behind all these Islamic extremism. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam, especially the women and the LGBT among them. It's shocking that for some, the fight for women's and LGBT's rights stops when the sphere of religion-- specifically Islam's-- begins. I got somewhere that if "fundamentalist" Muslims are encouraged to kill, maim, subjugate/enslave, and kill again in the most barbaric ways, then it tells you A LOT about the "fundamental" of that religion. I agree that most Muslims are peace loving people-- or at least, they seem that way.. but the problem is, they can't seem to have a UNIFIED VOICE against extremism. Yes, there are Muslims "denouncing" extremism here and there, saying ISIS and other such groups are not following "real" Islam; but, they can't seem to speak out as one great mass of Muslims. They never did during 9/11. And perhaps never will. It is easier to mobilize them to mass action when they feel slighted, like when Charlie Hebdo satirized Muhammad. I'm of the belief that most Muslims are peace loving IN SPITE of Islam, NOT because of it.
  2. Yes, the US has had a role in the creation of some of the world's troubles either through its own power plays (whether earnestly for advancing democracy or for its own self-serving intent) or even just plain neglect. But, god, this can be overplayed at the expense of common sense! Let's be clear: ISIS is because of ISLAM. Whoever covers up this glaring fact with another reason is deluded. Islam, from its founder (and thus its inception) and to its texts, has ALWAYS BEEN VIOLENT and about violence and about SUBJUGATION of another. Those who say that ISIS just misinterprets what Islam is ARE deluded. Saying that the Quran or the Islamic hadith is open to interpretation (other than what the texts PLAINLY lay out!) are either deluding themselves or are actually practicing taqiya.
  3. Hillary is just AMAZING. 11-hour interrogation (basically) and she maintained composure. She has her flaws but, seriously, she IS the best in a presidential field littered with clowns and nothings. She will be president. Rightfully so.
  4. True. Unlike communism, which is basically dead, socialism is an ever evolving ism as new models crop up that show how much it can work in certain contexts: the Scandinavian model being the prime example. Gone are the days when it has to either be capitalism or socialism and never the two shall meet. Successful capitalism actually needs a good dose of socialism to prevent itself from collapsing under its own market-driven, hyper-Darwinian excesses. Socialism helps spread out economic and social benefits to a greater number of people which could help a lot in preventing mass disaffection and class warfare that could lead to great tumult down the road. And properly reined in/sensible socialism makes economic sense: take the example of universal health care and comprehensive socialized health care program that focuses more on health promotion and disease prevention: sure they require taxpayer dollars upfront but such public investment in health would be so much more cost-effective in the long run as healthier people become more economically productive and less of a major drag to the economy and lessening public/private costs. It boggles the mind that Republicans who are supposed to be pro-business can't see this! Still, America is culturally strongly individualistic and are "prove yourself-ers" and so even the Scandinavian socialist model might not work. There has to be a balance and such balance must be arrived at with cooler heads, reason, and earnest and constructive engagement and not with self-righteousness. Even if Bernie is right in his opinion(s), he can be too inflexible which does not a good president make.
  5. Bernie is PRO-GUN, ergo pro NRA.. coz why? Vermont is a rural state?? Please. Nevertheless, I grant him that serious flaw. But, as a whole, he isn't presidential. It seems to me Bernie is a president for those who agree with him and share his advocacies, DAMN those who don't. America isn't Denmark, and though I'm not American, I understand it to be a nation of hardworking "do-it-yourselfers" with an individualist bent since its inception; that's why many are disdainful of socialist entitlements. I agree though, that income disparity has gone the extreme with the current financial system having the rich (willingly or not) suck the lifeblood out of the system at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Something tough and brave should be done-- but it's not done using dumb bulldozers (break the banks!).. Still, I find it, well, reductive, that whenever a politician changes positions on an issue, or have dealings with sectors others might see as villainous (eg. Wall Street), he/she is necessarily of questionable character or leadership. Like wtf, are you supposed to be president of the "downtrodden" only? A president should know what he/she wants and will work hard to achieve it but is able to compromise (within bounds) to achieve the best outcome for all. A president should have his/her core values intact but should also be flexible, practical while progressive, intelligent and with a good/great grasp of issues but cognizant of the need to still learn and hear from all voices-- a president for ALL. A president for all but who can still be tough and decisive when the need arrives. Indications are, Bernie-- and more certainly ALL the Republican clowns (especially that huckster Trump)-- aren't these things. HILLARY IT IS.
  6. When all these pop girls-- Beyonce, Katy, Taylor (nevermind Fraudga as she's now leapfrog Madonna as an oldies act)-- and boys get to the point where Madonna is now, will they have their own superlative "narrative" sufficiently built and added to? I bet they'll just automatically go to oblivion with nary a whimper, much, much less a bang. Madonna, even now, when even her most vaunted commercial strength (touring) seems to be questionable, is still adding several noteworthy pages to her legend.. to her being, as she says, ETERNAL.
  7. In the 90s, Madonna was celebrated as the ultimate "Postmodern Icon" due to her shifting personas-- many of which reference images from various cultures--- and to the different meanings these shifting personas evoke. So, even then she was known for referencing various cultures for her work.. So WHY would it be so offensive NOW to do the same thing? Has society regressed? Are these "cultural warriors" just perpetually seeking reasons to be offended or are actually just being... DUMB?
  8. I can't be thankful enough! Has there ever a case of another artist having two great versions of a song? I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOTH versions! I have different videos in my mind for both! The final version is so hauntingly epic... and sad.. yet, hopeful...
  9. I really can't wait for Hillary's presidency to start. (sadly Bloomberg wont run afaik,and maybe couldn't win) The US and the world have suffered from two successive FLOP US presidents. Though Dubya is "secure" in his place as one of the worst presidents ever, Obama is not that far behind. Lawd, Obama is so INCOMPETENT and lacks conviction and trustworthiness; no wonder other world leaders think he's a lightweight joke of a president, including RasPutin.
  10. Huhh?? The government *attempting* to increase bus fares is pitting classes to a violent warfare?? What a STUPID article. Is the guardian a respected outlet in the UK or is it known as a purveyor of poorly thought-out, poorly researched trash?
  11. OMG.. I can't wait!!! Nightshade better save this for his Genesis Timeline.. or.. wait.. maybe this is just a typical nonanswer answer?
  12. http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2014/jan/30/amanda-knox-exclusive-video-interview-guilty-video Her pointing guilt on others is self-serving but by no means unusual. Laughs can nervous: laughing to keep oneself from crying. I think she's not guilty. The evidence is just not there. For the Italian court to convict her just coz of a highly questionable "evidence" (inadmissible in most jurisdictions) is a travesty. Esp. if they convict her just to vindicate a sloppy police and perhaps a failed justice system. Or just coz she's a weird-acting bitch.
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