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Rebel Heart Tour Proves Madonna To Be A Great Vocalist...


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This is something we have all known from day one, but now---thirty years later people are suddenly catching on....


Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Britney Spears have historically been grouped together by fans and critics as outstanding performers whose voices don’t live up to their dancing capabilities. All three have produced many hits and jaw-stopping videos. However, out of the three, Madonna is the only one who can also thrill audiences with her voice.

Madonna’s critics have denied the pop artist’s vocal strength for decades, even after she won a Golden Globe for her performance in Evita in 1996. Back then, Madonna shocked listeners with how much her singing voice had improved. While she didn’t have the operatic voice that Patty Lupone brought to the Broadway version, she completely extended herself and many thought Madonna’s voice was virtually unrecognizable (in a good way).

The recognition was soon forgotten, as the “Madonna can’t sing” meme appeared again in the early 2000s and has lasted ever since. However, after premiering her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal, those spreading the meme may want to listen again. Take a look at Madonna’s performance of “La Vie En Rose” from September 9 in Montreal.

The Montreal Gazette said the performance was one of the highlights of the show.

The newspaper said the performance was stronger for being vulnerable and received a standing ovation from the French crowd. Madonna’s performance of “True Blue” was another vocal highlight of the evening.

“La Vie en rose was another big small moment, prefaced by a speech about believing in love despite being ‘devastated, smashed to bits’ that may become rote in a few weeks but sounded fresh on Wednesday.

The New York Daily News also gave the Rebel Heart Tour a great review. Critic Jim Farber says that the concert shows Madonna to be happy, at last.

PopCrush also really loved the Rebel Heart Tour.

“This time, she seemed to having a blast. It made for an infectious night that brought the Canadian crowd to a series of spontaneous, and escalating, standing ovations.”

Madonna will likely, inevitably slow down as she ages. But, unlike many of her peers, Madonna has vocal talent to back herself up so she can still thrill her audiences even if she just sits down for the whole show. Did you see the Rebel Heart Tour? Give us your review in the comments section.

“The Rebel Heart Tour is Madonna’s first outing since 2012′s MDNA Tour and, as with every Madonna production, the concert is a massive all-out explosion of song, dance and depravity with vague social commentary, proving for the umpteenth time that Madonna is, was and truly always will be the Queen.”

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hum...this sounds half assed at best but well, all recognitiong is embraced I guess.

Idiots and petty are the ones who've always clinged to the stupid "Oh Madonna can't sing" shtick and always bring that up whenever wanting to put her down one way or another.

I've always loved her versatility and love when she even "whispers" ala Inside of me...beautiful and sensual.

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I think maybe we see so many stars today simply not giving a shit about singing live. Its like there is no shame in it at all anymore. I understand the need to do it sometimes, but there are literally stars that go out there EVERY time a lip the whole thing, so maybe people are finally starting to appreciate someone like Madonna who manages to sing and dance at the same time. I remember how much praise she got when the audio leaked of her vocals at the Grammys I think it was?

And not even new stars. Look at Janet and her pathetic tour where she literally just pushes play on one of her tracks and just goes out there and does the same dance routine from 20 years ago.

And to go back to the past one of my favorite performances from Madonna EVER is the Everybody finale for The Girlie Show. She is running up and down that stage dancing around singing LIVE the whole time not missing a beat. The energy and control of her voice is amazing. She sounds spectacular. I cant picture any star out there right now having the stamina to pull that off, except maybe Pink who seems to be able to sing well while doing a cardio workout at the same time.

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