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Guest Hunterlas

Hunterlas is really starting to irritate a lot of the fans on here seriously.

Do you have to add your negative opinion to everything on every fucking thread?

I wasn't bothered until I was personally attacked.

People have differing views, not everyone is going to agree on the same things.

Get over yourself already coz we all are!

Im a Madonna fan (a true fan btw) thats the reason I have a place here... all that speech about accepting others opinions, you can tell it to yourself, I think you need to hear it more than I do. Is my opinion polarizing? Sometimes. Some people like it, others dont. Its my opinion and I dont have to justify it. So you are over me? You gonna have to suck it -real hard- cause Im going nowhere.

And no, there are no encores at Madonna shows cause Madonna doesnt want encores at Madonna shows. Deal with it.

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