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Demo Discussions 3 (Spoilers ahead! NO posting/requesting links allowed)

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Joan of Arc!!!!! JOAN OF FUCKING ARC!
Borrowed Time is GREAT
Hold Tight is GREAT
Holy Water is EPIC
Inside Out is GREAT (and doesn't sound like a rip off of NIN's Closer anymore)
Body Shop is GREAT
Iconic is ICONIC
VVV is GREAT and so is NAS!
Graffiti Heart is LOVELY!


Pretty much everything on the album is superior to every demo, but there are exceptions...

WAOM - First demo is still the best. The album version is boring.

Messiah - How can you hear Messiah (Demo 2) and not think it is the best one? The album version is back to being boring. So powerless.

Rebel Heart - Don't get me started on this one. The first demo needed a little fine tuning, she could've kept the violin orgy during the chorus at least and made it longer than 3:20. This isn't a bad version per se (like the previous two) but it was still heartbreaking to listen to. Such a shame, shame, shame.

Beautiful Scars - Dreadful disco. It was such a cute and sweet track, this one is really a case of less is more. Ugh.


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