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Whether you LOVE or HATE Bitch,Im Madonna, it speaks VOLUMES with how in touch someone is with current/popular/underground sounds. thats all. not a good or bad thing...but its telling

anyone who says its NOISE just exposed a lot about themselves in regards to age, awareness, diversity in music etc.

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Rebel Heart (10/10) Loved it from the minute I heard it, which doesn't happen often. The only song on the 'album' I can say that about. Should be the 1st single, but sadly won't be. Don't change a thing Madonna love.

Addicted (9/10) This song is crazy good, cool 80s vibe in parts, reminds me of her first album. Would maybe get rid of the guitar parts and replace with beats, theres more than enough guitar on this album already.

Unapologetic Bitch (8/10) Hated it for the first few listens, then loved it. I love the lyrics, ok they're not the deepest but they're fun. Can't wait to hear it with Ms Minaj…

Joan of Arc (8/10) Such a lovely song, another one that should be left as it. Voice sounds great, so sweet and sad.

Wash all over me (8/10) Wasn't sure at first, thought the lyrics needed a darker more experimental prodution rather than generic Avicii. But I love it now, so its clearly doing something right.

Living for Love (7/10) The chorus is crap, and it all sounds a bit early Kylie. But cant stop singing it. It needs work, it can't possibly be released as a single in its current state. Choir at the end is a bit special

Messiah (6/10) I do like it, but it reminds me of an x-factor final song. Can see Sam Bailey belting it out in front of a curtain of sparks. Can imagine it with a trip-hop prodcution, make it a bit edgier. Give massive attack a call.

Borrowed Time (6/10) Again, don't dislike it, but the Avicii guitar-dance is already beginning to grate. This, make the devil pray and revolution all merge into one. Theres only room for one of these three songs on the album. Please don't be Revolution.

Heartbreak City (6/10) I really like bits of it, hate other bits. With a bit of work I can see this being great.

Make the Devil Pray (5/10) All a bit preachy, sounds like a 'Christian' song. Don't hate it though.

Illuminati (5/10) Just doesn't go anywhere.

Bitch, I'm Madonna (3/10) wtf?

Revolution (1/10) Shit. Just shit.

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