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  1. some scary looking people were protesting today :


    Orthodox union declares Holy Inquisition against Madonna

    Orthodox and patriotic forces are meeting in Pushkin Square in downtown Moscow in a demonstration against Madonna's forthcoming Moscow show.

    Some 100 people holding banners and orthodox flags with a large crucifix placed in the center are participating in the meeting.

    "We declare a new Holy Inquisition that will fight against the sacrilege of crosses, icons, Russian Orthodox symbols, including during Madonna's show. The singer is an advocate of Kabbalah," chairman of the Union of Orthodox flag-bearers Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich said at the meeting.

    The main goal of the inquisition will be "to fight against slander, rather than to kill people," he said.

    btw title on that photo sais "Hail christ, death to antichrist" :manson:

  2. The disorganization in Moscow has been redick. There shoud have been 2 dates not 1. How fucked up. I can't even handle it. I hope all goes well for this concert.

    I had everything ready and now that they changed date I had to change airplane ticket and get another hotel reservation. :americanlife: Extra 200 euros for the trip thanks to their good organization :hurt:

  3. You're welcome Pera, to get to the Red Square and see the Kremlin, you'll just have to go by metro to Ohotniy Ryad / Teatralynaya station, go up to the street and here you're. If you're going to buy smth. you can go to underground posh TC on Manezhnaya sqare, it's in the same area, there is fustfood on one of the levels there with russian kitchen, some kind of. There all kind of restaraunts in the center, but the prices there are way to high.

    I think I have all the info I need now. :thumbsup:

    I'll buy a set of tickets and go around by metro, seems like the fastest and cheapest transport.

    To move faster in Moscow you better use metro, because of the heavy traffic, but also remember that your hotel is situated in the suburbus of the city, where the population is often very conservative, it's not a cosmopolitant center, so be careful, you now what I mean. :bruise:

    I know, I'm from Serbia and there still a lot of conservative nutcases here to. :zombie:

  4. For Pera

    I've made some research for you, from Smeremetyevo 2 airport to the area near Prospect Vernadskogo metro station it's best of all to go by taxi, not cheap though (about $30-$50). But also you can go from airport by bus to nearest metro stations, and then by metro to Prospect Vernadskogo station.

    From Sheremetyevo 2 airport to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station you can go by bus № Щ 851с, but it works only from 7:00 A.M. till 21:00 P.M.

    You can use other buses: № 851 to Rechnoy Vokzal (Речной вокзал) metro station or № 817 to Planernaya (Планерная) metro station, or you can use "marshrutka" (little uncomfortable bus) to the same metro stations.

    So if you are at Rechnoy vokzal metro station go underground, buy a metro ticket/card first (take a card for 10 or 20 rides, you'll be able to use it the next day for your trips). Rechnoy vokzal is an end station on a green line of Moscow metro (watch the metro maps, there are everywere in the trains) go by train to Teatralynaya (Театральная) station, there change to Ochotniy Ryad (Охотный Ряд) station (on the red line), you'll have to go out from your train on Teatralynaya station, then I don't remember, check it by the info on the displays, but I think you'll have to go downstairs, then go by сorridor and upstares to the hall of Ohotniy Ryad station, it's a station on the red line, take a train that goes from the center of the city and go till Prospekt Vernadskogo, the station, you need.

    If you are at Planernaya metro station (it's an end station of purple line) go to Kuznetskiy Most (Кузнецкий мост) station, there change to Lubyanka station on the red line, and from it go to Prospekt Vernadskogo station.

    On Prospect Vernadskogo you will go up to the street, but you should now what exit you'll have to use to get to your hotel, and then go to hotel, or take marshrutka to get there, if it's not near the metro.

    Whether you go by bus and then by metro or by taxi it'll take you about an 1,5 - 2 hours to get to your hotel, if not more, I'm afraid.

    I guess there are several little shops near exits of any metro station in Moscow, some of them work 24 hours, but usually shops are open from 8-10 A.M. till 20-21 P.M., it depends upon what is the kind of a shop. :asian:

    Thanks !!! That was great info :D

    Think I'll wait for a bus and then switch trains, wouldn't be any fun to just go by taxi :)

  5. Pera what are you interested in? Moscow is a huge city, the best way to have fun is to find all the info that can be interesting to you personally in Google, cause you know tastes are differ. :wacko:

    I will only have one day to see the city, so just wanna see best known tourist attractions. I know it's to short for that to ...

    Do you know what's the fastest way to go from Sheremetyevo 2 airport to Проспект Вернадского metro station, other then taxi ? And how long can that take ? Also are there any supermarkets in that area ? At what time are stores closed there ?

    I know I can probably look for this info on web but I thought it's better to ask someone who's from there ...

  6. Russian organisation is a real disaster.

    Tickets went on sale this monday but they offered only expensive seats online and their server was down anyway.

    Tickets are not sold out yet but online sales won't start before next monday or tuesday and they will probably have only those for $300 - $900 :sour:

    Oh, well that won't stop me, already booked an airplane ticket and found a hotel there :boxing:

  7. Yep, I'm from Moscow.

    Sparrow Hills (Vorobyevy Gory) is a district in Moscow, what you see on the photo above is just one building (Moscow University), actually there are enough place for the trees, the fans and the scene.

    I'll try to find some info and will share it later.

    I think with her show she could have problems with Russian Orthodox Church fanatics, because of crucifixion, they are very active this year.

    Hey, where do you think they'll sell tickets online ?

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