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  1. Uhm, am not so sure those numbers are that good. She'd have to sell 5,500 tickets a week up until the concert there to sell out, and it seems likely that the sales numbers will decline week-to-week.

    This is great news since people are used to buying tickets just few days before the concert here and no one really knew if she'll actually confirm the concert or not. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up selling 30 000 tickets in the last two weeks before the concert


    They had to start selling the tickets TODAY, but their official site (madonna.com/livenation) sends you to some CROATIAN site, where it says they are doing PRESALE (SHOULDNT HAVE ENDED TILL TODAY!!!).

    Later on a friend of mine sent me a SERBIAN site where they are selling the tickets BUT ONLY TO PEOPLE WHICH LIVE IN SERBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you can try to contact Komuna (komuna.com), they are organizing the concert

    They told me few days ago that ticketline will sell them for all ex-yu countries and ticketpro for Croatia, nothing more

  3. Yugoslavia as a nation have not existed for like 15 years.

    Actually it's 18 or 6 years, depends on how you look at it :thumbsup:

    At tickets.madonna.com, it shows as Budva - ME.

    Wonder what's the official 2-letter code for Montenegro (CG perhaps?) On Internet, it still uses YU for its official government site.

    Yeah, they changed it at m.com.

    Their official code is MNE or ME and they started using .me domain few months ago.

    Anyway I'm more concerned about where tickets will be sold. Doesn't say anything on m.com...

    Tickets for last year's Rolling Stones concert there were sold by few serbian ticket sites and IPS music stores, but none of them have any news on Madonna yet :confused:

  4. this show will probably bring more photographers then any other, they took pics of trucks and now the workers :


    **A worker covers the Luzhniki Stadium's running track with slaps in preparation for the concert of U.S. singer Madonna due September 12 in Moscow September 7 2006.**

  5. Pera have they cancelled the previous pricing? I imagine it would be a bit difficult to justify where the $935 people would go...

    They didn't say anything about cancelling previous pricing, but there were no new top price tickets on sale yesterday.

    Anyway, many people aree waiting to exchange their tickets



    ^ I'll probably have to wait in that long line on sunday :boxing:

    ... and Madonna's stage equipment started to arrive yesterday :



    just 6 more days left :D

  6. :wacko:

    Stadium May Collapse During Madonna Concert — Designer

    Created: 05.09.2006 17:32 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 17:45 MSK, 25 minutes ago


    Designer of the canopy roof of Luzhniki Stadium Nodar Kancheli said he does not exclude the possibility of the stadium collapsing during Madonna’s September 12 concert, Ekho Moskvy radio reported Tuesday.

    The notorious architect of Transvaal Water Park, which collapsed in February 2004, killing 28 people and injuring numbers, was found guilty of criminal negligence but was amnestied Monday under a law passed by the State Duma in April.

    In an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station Kancheli spoke about the laws of physics, claiming that the structure could collapse if audio frequency resonated with the vibration frequency of the building. Meanwhile, Kancheli hopes this will not happen.

    Luzhniki Stadium with a total capacity of 84,745 seats is the biggest sports stadium in Russia.

    The stadium (at a time the Central Lenin Stadium) was the chief venue for the 1980 Summer Olympics, the spectator capacity being 103,000 at that time.

    It also hosted the final game of the 1957 Ice Hockey World Championship between Sweden and the Soviet Union, attended by a crowd of 55,000 and setting a new world record.

    Kancheli took part in construction of several most famous and significant buildings in Moscow — the cupolas of Jesus Christ Savior Cathedral, the reconstruction of Bolshoi Theater, roof over the stands at the Luzhniki Stadium, the roof of the Dinamo stadium, and others.

    i'm running out of ideas, what else could go wrong now. :bruise:

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