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  1. 13 minutes ago, santiago said:

    Source:- OCC 

    Her 14th studio album and 27th Top 75 entry, Madame X aspired to be Madonna’s 13th No.1 but ends up being her sixth No.2, matching the debut/peak of her last studio album, Rebel Heart. Runner-up to Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, Rebel Heart had first week gsales of 37,245 copies: Madame X makes a 26.90% slower start, with consumption of 27,227 units, the highest for a No.2 album thus far in 2019.
    Vinyl sales
    Madonna’s Madame X (4,628 sales)

    Madame X also sold 1,993 on cassette, grabbing a 72.47% share of sales in that format

    I'm curious how many CDs?

  2. 14 minutes ago, Foolio said:

    I guess Pitchfork are taking their sweet time simply because their reviewer is so in awe of Madame X they need time to write down the countless reasons why they love the album?


    I keep checking for their review. For whatever reason I'm hopping for a good one but I just know it will be somewhere between 2.8 and 4 lol

  3. 12 minutes ago, Samo said:

    Yes EVERY icon releasing new music still does magazine covers

    I know. And I love it when we get new a photoshoot (specially when its as nice as the one for Vogue UK) and interview.

    But I'm curious if that actually has any impact on album sales.

  4. I hope she does more talk shows, it's been a while since she did something like Fallon or Letterman. A real lengthy interview.

    Although I've no idea what counts as a good promo these days, where is she suppose to go to get the biggest audience.

    Few people are still buying Magazines, listening to the radio etc.

  5. 4 hours ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Dont at all be surprised if this barely makes the top 5 in both the US and UK. 😕 Just NO more #2s please lol. Hope Im super surprised but not expecting #1. It will in some major or semi major countries but don't think it'll happen in the US/UK. Yes, M obviously has and will forever have a hardcore dedicated base but every middle aged and baby boomer straight white guy and women are buying Springsteen that week. Almost no doubt Springsteen will do better in both markets and the Jones Brothers (at least in the US) could easily have a stronger than expected second week #s. Sucker is KILLING it on radio and is actually a good song! One of the best actual crossover 'pop/dance' songs I've heard in years. Still, at the minimum NO idea why they put her against Springsteen. Her team continues to insist on self inflicted recklessness.  

    Springsteen announced his album weeks after Madonna, this is one of those rare cases when her team is not to blame for something

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