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  1. Just now, sul8323 said:

    You have a good point.  History was many moons and marketing strategies ago.  So much of her early work needs remastering.  Streaming M is complicated as the decades worth of material is volume challenged.  Like a Prayer would be a great start.  So many iconic albums that lay in wait.  

    Well, I have to think that "Like A Prayer" (the song) tends to be universally loved, so my thinking is that something might be in the works to actually do something with this album's anniversary.  Again, wishful thinking! 

  2. 3 minutes ago, sul8323 said:

    Could a two disc  (1st- Greatest Hits) (2nd- new album) work marketing wise?

    Michael Jackson released History that way and I really enjoyed both "Book 1" and "Book 2" Maybe a remastered Immaculate Collection with Dress you Up, True Blue and Who's that Girl added?

    Just ideas.  I am just thinking of a way to market new material to the masses that worship her imperialistic past.  

    Greatest Hits really do not sell well in this time.  If the songs were actually remastered, maybe, but other than that, what's the difference than just slapping on what's already out there? 

    It would be cool if she could market it with the anniversary release of Like A Prayer, but we know that won't happen. Part of me was thinking (more like hoping), that the whole Met Gala was actually filmed and she would release it next year with an Like a Prayer anniversary set, but since she didn't do anything much for her previous albums anniversary releases, it's just wishful thinking.

  3. 14 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Melania has well and truly shot herself in the foot with this.  I know of several people who actually felt pity for her for being married to Trump and thought she was not the same ethically and morally to him.  They have been disgusted in this and rightly so.  Now,  everybody knows that she is just as heartless and flippant.  Wearing this jacket would have to be the most stupid thing she could do and has completely shown her up.  Also,  nobody believes that this was to do with the so called Fake News Media.  It does not even make sense to think that because her evil husband talks about the "fake news media"  all the time -  of course they care what they say.  Stupid way of trying to save face and it won't wash with anyone. 


    Unfortunately, she is getting a pass on this.  I agree it's quite tone deaf to wear this even if she really was wearing it to send a message to the press.  It appears she's worn it again today. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Well it sounds more than far fetched to me. If you want to believe that Madonna either didn't sign off on the final design of her album  or that some employee took it upon themselves to flip an image on finalized and approved artwork without asking anyone, and apparently did the same on indoor displays, standees, print media etc, then that's up to you. A "mistake" of course that hasn't been fixed anywhere else in the world apart from the USA 

    If you ever come across this mtv news item that seemed to think an upside down madonna photo on a reissue of an album was so important (in 1995 no less) that they reported on it, feel free to post.

    Hmm? I think there's some miscommunication going on here? I didn't say Madonna "didn't sign off on the final design of her album, or that some employee took it upon themselves to flip the image".  I simply stated, the report I recall hearing from MTV NEWS is when it went to press, it was assumed that it was upside down, and that's when someone took it upon themselves and turned her right side up.  That to me isn't far fetched.  And I'm sorry you don't believe me and are trying to condescend me.  But in the U.S., MTV used to have a news break every hour or so within their broadcasting.  It was during one of the News breaks,  I recall there was a mention of the mistake.  Whether it was something that important or not, isn't the point since up until the late 90's, MTV reported pretty much every fart or sneeze she made. 

    Anyway, it's a ridiculous argument to have here, so I'm moving on unless someone can chime in with a respectful reply without trying to undermine another.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Your original contribution (posting the correct photograph of the first US pressing) was fine. The possible misinformation that followed (a report from MTV that doesn't seem to have been replicated anywhere else) got a follow up from me. Again, we do not know why they flipped it and changed the MADONNA font to make it thicker and darker and obvious that it was a Madonna album for US consumers only...or maybe we do.


     To me, it doesn't sound too far fetched, nor did I feel as if I was misinforming anyone since it was reported on MTV NEWS back in the day.  I don't see why Kurt Loder/MTV would just make that up.  But who knows?  I was just sharing what I knew and maybe someone else can corroborate it.  😉

  6. 13 minutes ago, Kim said:

    Correct, although the subsequent edit you made is just ridiculous. We have no concrete evidence as to why the US PRESSING ONLY was flipped on it's subsequent pressings, although everyone has their theories.

    The very idea that Madonna "submitted a photograph" and did not oversee the many design stages and mock ups of her own album, not to mention the host of advertising, magazine covers and promo that utilized the same imagery is ludicrous, or indeed that a "mistake" would not have been fixed elsewhere in subsequent pressings. Yes the photograph is 'upside down' (depending on what perspective you choose) but it does not indicate a mistake, especially as it's actually much more aesthetically pleasing in its original incarnation anyway, wrong way round or not.


    What's with the backhanded compliment?  I was simply adding my two cents.  If I incorrectly recalled what MTV NEWS reported back then, then I apologize.  Though, I specifically recall Kurt Loder of MTV NEWS stating that Madonna intended the image of her to be upside down, and when it went to press,  they thought it was a mistake and flipped it right side up.  I'm a little baffled why you chose to respond to me in this way when I was offering something I recalled from back in the day? I wasn't offering some outrageous theory!   As you stated to "Ladyplus",  "I lived it!"  Whether what Kurt reported was true or not, I guess it's anyone's guess, but that's what was reported at the time in 1994. 

  7. Not to step on any toes here, but I just took a picture of my original BEDTIMES STORIES CD which I bought in 1994 in the U.S. on the day of it's release:  


    Bedtime Stories.jpg

    Shortly after the album's release,  I recall MTV reported, the original pressing printed the covers wrong.  Madonna submitted the image of her to be intentionally upside down, but Warners assumed it was a mistake and flipped it.  Future pressings were of the way Madonna intended which was her upside down! @Ladyplus 

  8. 22 minutes ago, KalamazooJay said:

    This is....real. I thought it was #FakeNews because, I mean, she’s not that stupid. Right? They’re not that tone deaf. 

    But she is and they are. Her publicist responded that it’s “just a jacket”. 

    These fucking people.......... 


    WOW!  So I purposely chose a FOX report on this to see their point of view:


    So if anyone is trying to say, "let's focus on the issues, not her wardrobe", then why the hell wear something that says something like that.  I mean, c'mon?  What do you think people are going to think after what's gone down with the Immigration issue: Children being taken away from their parents?  You can't expect people aren't going to NOT say anything about this.  Who goes around wearing something like that if they don't want people to talk about it? 

    Up until now, I just thought Melania was just a naive puppet in all of this, but no more. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, ULIZOS said:

    I know people repeatedly say that Madonna is extremely hands on, but I seriously doubt she's THAT involved. I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but I can't imagine Madonna sitting in a room for hours coming up with plans on manipulating the system so she can be number 1 on the charts.

    I'm sure it's more like Guy telling her he has it under control and then bam she has a number 2 and she says WTF Guy and he says "non-traditional promo" and she says "I like that, here's another million".


    Sorry, I don't buy that.  I do think she's "hands on" much everything she does. Though, in a sense you're right about the fact she's not sitting around thinking of ways for album to go #1, etc, nor do I think Guy is either. He's her business manager. He's just one part of the management team.  I'm sure many suggestions are thrown around to promote her products and she ultimately chooses which way to go. Certainly, I am not naive to think, she isn't influenced by what others say. But that's how it works.  She's no dummy.  She knows what she's doing, and I don't believe for a second she's forced to do anything she doesn't want to do.  I know a lot of people hate Guy here, but I'm pretty indifferent about him. No doubt, he's part of the family. He's not going anywhere, anytime soon.  He may not be perfect, but ultimately Madonna is in charge here!

  10. 41 minutes ago, Starman said:

    She wont change her look anymore... its blond curls

    I agree.  As @Katypatra, we might get variations, but she's not going to make any drastic changes to color or her length.  I personally think she looks her best with long blonde hair.  Older people usually gravitate to shorter hair.  She's yet again, refraining from conventional stereotypes of people her age.  At this point, if she's looking to drastically change her hair, it will be through wigs. 

  11. 43 minutes ago, Magician said:

    He manufactures traumas so he can claim victory over a self-made problem! :manson:


    Yep!  He's left people outraged, blaming the Democrats, so he can swoop in and claim he's fixed it.  When all he's going to do is follow the same policy that was in place before without separating the children.  And his dulltard of followers will eat it up!  #trumpforpesident2020   I think I'm gonna be sick!! 🤢

  12. 10 minutes ago, rebelheart said:

    According to someone who works in the fashion industry in Portugal :

    She is shooting a spread for Vogue Italia with Mert & Marcus. 






    Why is it a "bummer"?   She's always done magazine spreads before album releases.  Even if it's not, we get awesome new pictures and another great interview.   We can hope some talk on the new album. Also, these magazines are done a few months in advance, so it might just be one way she's going to bombard us with her presence!!  😉


    23 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    I believe they are planning nationwide protests across the country and a main one in DC for June 30.

    The resistance is building.  Let's hope those who have short attention spans stick with it and not bashed protesters.  Also, I hope the protests are peaceful or it will defeat the purpose.  No doubt, there will be some who will rip into the protestors anyway. 

  14. 55 minutes ago, Confessit said:

    She gave the perfume 5 minutes exposure and it seemed forced but she seems really into the skin range and the promo has been gorgeous, fun and iconic.

    I wish it was wider than her Instagram id love to see those fun ads on TV like the H&M campaign because I think the public would love it!


    If I recall, she had some major issues with the perfume and eventually gave up.  Maybe someone who knows the facts can share that with us, and I can't recall the specifics. I just recall in an interview she seemed put out by it all.  The skin line seems to be going more her way, so she's behind it!!  

    12 minutes ago, animalinstinct said:

    Excited for Mert & Marcus being involved in the possible album shoot. They just ‘get’ her. 

    I totally agree!  I love all of the shoots they've done with her.

  15. I don't mind the MDNA skin line.  I'll never use it, and have no interest in it.  Though, I do love all the promotion behind it, including the creative and artistic videos that came of it.  (I know, I know! That's purely subjective, so spare me the "artistic" argument because my point is regarding the new album).  She's taken much opportunity before this new album to promote the hell out of it.  So again, as I don't mind the whole MDNAskin line, I do hope once the album is rolled out, she'll focus only on that.  I think she needs to put just as much energy and passion in promoting that as her skin line of late. 

  16. 1 minute ago, LSD said:

    He's holding the children hostage. Essentially, he's said that they stay in the prison camps away from their parents until he gets the money to build his wall. If it works, he'll know it's an effective tactic and he'll add it to his regular repertoire in the future.

    Unfortunately, that's him in a nutshell.  When I heard him stand there and tell reporters that it's "all on the democrats" and make the excuse "10 democrats" are keeping this from changing, I thought, what a load of Bologna!  And any humane person could see by blaming this on the previous administration is pure nonsense since the previous administration did not cage and separate the children from their parents.  This is all a game to him.  It's sick and it sickens me to know some are defending it, thinking this is the way to go to "make America great again!"  Ugh!!  It was far greater than what is now before that blowtard entered the White House!!  

  17. Speaking as an American, much of the country is disgusted and outraged over this.  Unfortunately, this asswipe of a president wants to stand there and point fingers at the Democrats, while acting like he has no power to change it.  "It's all on the "Democrats", he says.  10 fucking Democrats are keeping it from being changed.  Trump and his minions are sticking to that story, claiming they are following a law that's been put in place by the previous administration.  Okay, so if that's true, then why is it now we're caging and separating the children from parents?  Under the previous administration, a lot of people were kicked out the country, but there was no separating families and caging kids!   I call it pure political bullshit. This is definitely on Trump and his goofy ass policy, so he can play the blame game and continue to smear the opposing party.  You can't tell me a man (and his joke of a lawyer) who claims to have the power to pardon himself or get away with shooting someone in the middle of the street, can't fix this? This is beyond Party lines.  This is cruel and inhumane.  It sickens me to see anyone who defends Trumps words over this (and almost anything else he spills from his mouth).  

    I do know that some of the most powerful Republicans are working hard to turn this around.  That's a good sign, but for now it's not good enough!!  A part of me really feels that before things get better, it has to get worse.  I feel we're at our worst.  I'm ashamed of what this country has become. I don't recognize what it's become.  I know a lot of people like me are on the right side of the fence, but it seems no matter how much we vote, voice our opinions and protest, we're just kicked in the face and told to "shut the hell up, snowflake!".  And I'm not naive, a lot of this country came about because of political greed and corruption.  But enough is enough! 

  18. 14 minutes ago, robster said:

    Get real, why you would automatically relate this to skincare is ignorant. With all that is going on at this moment concerning her recording career it's OBVIOUS this is music related! The constant debbie down-ing and skincare chit chat is getting annoying and is uncalled for!

    To be fair, there have been much speculation of a lot of shoots/videos shoots in the past that ended up being MDNA skin related while she's been recording the album.  So it's natural for some people to doubt.  That said, I'm all up for it being album related.  At some point, it's gotta happen, so why not now?  I'm excited.  I'm ready! Bring on the new album.... okay, I can wait until fall if I must. 🤣

  19. 6 minutes ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

    Well if we are talking about the way Beyoncé "surprised released"  both her last albums people knew she was working on them as well. A surprise release is just releasing it randomly without letting people know the release date. But I think a first single is absolutely needed for Madonna. It may not chart well but it gets her name out there. 

    I wouldn't mind a photo shoot that's outside. It's been a while since Madonna has done something  like that. 

    True.  I don't follow Beyonce', so I really had no idea what was already spilled regarding her new album, so I guess the same could be said of Madonna if she just released an album without a press release (which is what she usually does before releasing an album). 

    And I agree about the first single.  I just meant that her singles aren't charting like they used to, so I can see her forgoing the usual roll out for singles anymore.  I doubt that she'll do that though.  😉

  20. Just now, Confessit said:

    I agree she will have to do what the studio says but another article said they haven’t even cast yet and the whole project is to be filmed next year.

    I doubt Madonna would want to sit on music after the leaks of RH.

    That would be incredibly high risk for her.

    They could be shooting a Vogue spread but with her usual album artwork team in town and I think it’s for the album. 

    I have a feeling, she's going to release the album this fall and hold off on touring until later next year after she directs.   If you recall, there was some talk that she was looking for dates for France for Sept/Oct. of 2019.  So maybe she's planning to tour next fall or late summer.   This would give her time to promote the album the rest of the year, then start directing at the start of the new year.  A lot of the casting and such can be done prior to her actually directing.  She can do much of this before the end of the year.  If she spends 4 or 5 months on the film, and then go into tour rehearsals late spring/summer then she will be able to tour late summer/fall.  But of course, this all depends on how involved she will be in the editing of the film as well as how big of a tour she's planning to do. 

    Anyway, that's just my two cents about it.  

  21. 5 minutes ago, adirondak said:

    Do they come up with album era styling on the fly, or is it possible they'll plan out album promotion looks, etc during this time?

    I'm sure it's been discussed already if they are truly shooting an album cover.  Madonna and her team may have been texting/emaling ideas back and forth.  

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