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  1. More "let go," as Burton said. Either way, though, anyone who doesn't comply with a mandate at their place of employment and refuses to get vaccinated is pretty much choosing to leave, so...

    I think I probably had COVID at the onset of the pandemic (March 2020- I could breathe regularly fine, but one of the main effects was, whenever I inhaled, there was a pain in my chest area that I had never experienced before- that)- was never tested,though, at any point. I got the two shots, though I still mask up and such in public. I will probably get the booster at some point now that it's available.

    I'm glad GH has mandated it for its actors.

  2. I guess OF doesn't consider nude photos/videos sexually explicit content. 😆

    To each their own, though I think OF and sites of that nature are kinda silly. At this stage, why pay for that kinda stuff when there are infinite amounts of material out there for no charge? Maybe some think of it like some do physical media- the good feeling that you're paying for it.  😋 However, it's not like it's physical porn (DVDs, etc.)- it's internet porn, for cryin' out loud.

  3. A key item to keep in mind is that, surely, anyone who voted in 2016 and didn't vote for Trump, will not have voted for him this time. On the flip side, we've heard from people who did vote for him in 2016 who did not/will not do so this time. And hopefully there's a good amount of those voters.

    Let's hope for the best. *group prayer circle may commence now*

  4. @Shaun I did forget that one. 😁 Maybe I should listen to it again. Though I recall not being all that into it when I first heard it. "Medellin" is pretty good, though the album's other Maluma collabo is not a favorite of mine.

    @Suedehead There haven't been any reports of worldwide sales in some time. Back in the fall, it was reported as 485,000 (which may have been a tad underestimated), and someone had estimated 493,000 ~ mid-January. So, has it crossed 500K by now? Would say it's a good possibility, though some concrete info would be nice.

  5. Did anyone happen to take a screenshot(s) or take count of how many merchandise bundles (including a physical or digital copy of the album) that were available for MX upon its release? I know it was a decent number, but since then, we've seen some acts have dozens, and I don't think the MX number was quite that high.

    Thanks for any info. :gent:

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