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  1. YASSSSSSS! Just saying. :fag:

  2. I can't open the vid 'cuz i don't have twitter and shit...but I did a quick google image search.

    I'm impressed... it's not ur typical Banksy redux icon stamp on a wall shit. I like the men the most..

    I love how there's a link to the camp roots of queer culture, it's often shunned when it's not in a drag context, but here it has integrity. Has this been shown in Brussels?

    I can see this all over the city as a walking tour...and not just during Pride.

    we love our genitals here :chuckle:


    From my Apartment







    1. domyeyebrows


      OMG that's incredible!! We were going to come to Belgium next year so if CoVid allows we will be taking a trip to see this stuff. So glad you like Ben's work too. I didn't want to spam the forum too much with it but I think M fans should see his work. She used some of it in the artists' montage on Rebel Heart - his is the piece that starts the first chorus. Thanks for your kind words - you totally get what he's doing.

  3. You are sucha girl gone wild. 

    1. domyeyebrows


      I can't deny it!


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