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  1. Looking froward to it! I hope she really drops it on youtube too!
  2. Sad. It is an excellent album. I really want it to be recognized. I hope we get surprised.
  3. I know it's too soon, but do you think Madame X could get any grammy nominations?
  4. I was expecting this unfortunately. I hate that media is going to publish this. Any idea on how many copies did she sell this week?
  5. This is how second week is looking for Madame X: http://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming I'm quite shocked that she's out of top 50 building chart! Springsteen is at #18. It's kind of weird. I mean, is she really under 4k copies? I thought she would be around #25 or #30. I very much hope she makes it to the top 40 next week, otherwise the typical articles about the big drop will be everywhere.
  6. So glad Madame X is back to to 70 on Metacritic! It deserves it. I hope there are more positive reviews to be added. By the way, the album is still top 10 in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Mexico and Brazil. Top 30 in the US, UK, and Germany. I suppose that God Control video and performance at pride will help sales.
  7. Do you know if Mojo's review will be added to Metacritic? It would raise her score a bit, I hope they update it soon!
  8. Very happy to learn she's #1 in the US!! A little disappointed that it didn't reach a well deserved #1 in other countries. I just can't understand why the album came out the same week as Springsteen's. Didn't her team know in advance that both albums were going to be out the same date? I suppose they should know that. Don't they have contacts who let them know about it to avoid this? I'm kind of confused. Anyway, I'm beyond happy she got that ninth #1 in the US! I am expecting a very probable #1 in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal... Let's see.
  9. Congrats M!!!! Well deserved!!! It's a beautiful album. A pop Masterpiece!
  10. What do you think about making a video for Faz Gostoso? Do you think it could be the best commercial single off the album? And by the way, what does she mean by "waiting for Anitta"? A public performance, video or both?
  11. Any official #1? How about France, Spain, Australia and Canada?
  12. What happened when she instagrammed the number 1 in all countries? That was a fact, she went #1.
  13. It makes sense. Second week tracking sales start tomorrow right?
  14. I think the same. I suppose adding the two versions should be #1
  15. How likely is to go back to #1 on iTunes? I noticed is #2 in US, UK, Canada and Germany now.
  16. Incredible album!!! I love it!!! Just why does shitty swift had to come up with her new single on the same day? It's obvious that she wanted to steal attention. Wrong. I'm so excited to see that Madame X is killing it everywhere though!
  17. I hope Metacritic forgets to add that awful uncut review! Still waiting for more in the 80's. Do you think that some media outlets are checking out early reviews to see where the album is standing so they don't mess up with bad ones? haha They better write good reviews and focus on the music!
  18. Slant was added on MC already. It got her score to 78.
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