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  1. 12 hours ago, dario said:

    Didn't M have a manager? he should know about the trash they always throw to her, why they allow them to do that interview where they basically lick her feet and later they review Rebel Heart with 5 or 6. They hate her and always put >Beyonce albums over 10 ratings

    i believe this was post-liz and was done under bb gun, which is an indie PR firm they hired. they had no idea what to do with her. and lede company isn't much better. all they know how to do is one-size-fits-all strategy. they have no understanding of m's legacy or fanbase.

  2. 33 minutes ago, strictmachine said:

    Oh god, a compilation of all 50 #1s with brand new remixes of each done by reputable producers only would be absolutely heavenly. But so not ever going to happen lol. 

    doesn't have to be all 50. even just a 15-track album sequenced like a dj set would be a great thank you to the fans. 

    semi-related, i think a madame x remix album would be a great idea. the remixes so far have been very good so why not doing a few more and throw an album together? this is where a proper record label would be useful. 

  3. 21 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    Yes, it was along with crave and Medellin. Dark ballet,  future, IDSIF were promo only.

    I'm not sure about God control. It's not listed as either an official release or a promotional single on her wiki page!

    Perhaps that will be an official release and the way things are going, it could be the RSD release for April!


    oh i see. if we're going by wiki, "i rise" is considered an official single because it was sent to italian radio. "god control" (and "batuka") aren't listed as a promotional singles because they weren't released prior to the album like "i rise," "dark ballet" and "future" even though they both had videos. i guess we'll see what happens with "god control." i'm curious what remixes would be like.

  4. 4 hours ago, Showdown said:

    Apparently it's up to #2...hopefully it doesn't drop or stay at #2. Out of all the songs I'm surprised this one is taking so long! Do you think it's because there was no video or single promo? If it hits #1 it'll be her first promo only single to hit #1 since Impressive Instant in 2001.

    was "i rise" an "official single"? hard to tell the difference these days, especially with this album. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Illuminati said:

    True. I listened to the original after I played the remix and the album version is much more interesting sonically.

    Although you could describe it as a quite repetitive track on first listen, there's something in its structure and arrangement which is just so unique and what grabs me throughout the song.
    There's so much tension and mystery about it, don't really know how to describe it.

    Most of these nuances get lost in the remix.

    maybe makes sense for clubs since it's better to have a nonstop beat but still hope some more interesting ones are on the way.

  6. On 12/1/2019 at 8:07 AM, Ray Finkle said:

    I remember her saying "If we can AFFORD this video!" in some interview...

    Maybe she's found the money after all 😁

    i'd personally love to see a video, but i don't think it will happen unless it's done on the cheap. maybe a live video? even "god control" with all the press only got a few million views. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Querelle said:

    If it were that easy, you could use Google Translate to translate foreign books and songs. We all know that this does not work very well, because translation is a complex and creative process, especially when it comes to lyrical texts that are not only subject to a certain rhythm, but also make substantive demands.

    To use a quote: "Translation is an art because the translator tries to find out what is meant in one language, and then basically paints a picture of what is meant in the other language." It is simply ignorant not to appreciate the art of translating lyrical texts and pretend that everyone is capable of doing so, because that's absolutely not the case.

    translation probably isn't the right word, since mirwais supposedly wrote it in english. but let's use casey's own words then: he claims he "cleaned it up, did some editing, Americanized the language." that means the dude's a copyeditor then and i think $25k and 15% sounds fair. this didn't need to be a social media spectacle. unlike mirwais, m's team isn't ignoring him. he's clearly trying to embarrass and pressure her and no matter what you think of the situation, it's just a bad look. 

  8. i'm not really sure why this had to be so public or so messy. it's not like he's taylor swift fighting for her masters. putting aside my disappointment that madonna obviously didn't contribute a whole lot to my favorite part of the song, spooner clearly says that mirwais had a "clear concept, lyric, and melody" - so it seems like he cleaned up mirwais's english, which is more like translating than "co-writing," and was the demo singer. mirwais ended up giving the track to madonna, which is something he's done with his own songs in the past. it might be true that legally he had to get casey's permission in order to do that, but madonna's team was very generous to more than double their initial offer and 15% of the royalties. sorry it's not 1995, casey. record sales are in the toilet and madonna doesn't do well with streaming - so you're going after her touring revenue? if you're in it for the money, maybe work with taylor and not mirwais next time? 

  9. i honestly don't know where they're digging up some of these nobody remixers but i think this is the best remix package in a while. here's my ranking:

    1. tracy young (prefer the radio edit because it includes the bridge)

    2. benny benassi (i love the "dangerous" part - wish it was repeated more)

    3. RNG (catchy late 90s/early aughts sound - reminds me of some of rauhofer's remixes, and i like how the bridge is incorporated) 

    4. dan de leon & anthony griego (has a 90s/tribal feel - maybe a little repetitive) 

    5. otto benson (definitely the most "current" sounding but i don't mind it)

    6. twisted dee & diego fernandez (generic/forgettable - the only one i really don't like)



  10. 11 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    Are they? I literally flicked through one quickly and it sounded the same but that's good to know. I'll download them then!

    i think the main difference is that the radio edit features the bridge, which i think is essential to the song. i guess the other version is better for clubs though.

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