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  1. One of her, if not, her best live performances!! Loved it and she looked stunning
  2. What, if the song will be released full on tomorrow, streaming will count wednesday and thursday. So only two days will count, same goes for sales. Look it up.
  3. I agree chats do matter, but please don't get your hopes up... She's releasing the song midweek, so only two day of streaming and sales will count in us...
  4. I got the same feeling. Lol whole start of 2019 there was no competition....
  5. Hmm but I don't hope pre orders of the album will kill the first weeks sales of the single
  6. Damn but I desperately need your approval. On topic; Well I'm really curious what lies ahead!
  7. I do think it SOUNDS CHEAP LOL But wait, I forgot you don't care about my opinion
  8. Guess I'm the only one who doens't like the title of Madam X... or the concept I guess. I had something different in mind. but i'm still excited.
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