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  1. just noticed that some europeans are mad at madonna's performing. they say something like this 1) she's not an european 2) she's not a contestant 3) Eurovision is for european.

    they say they don't need an american superstar. they are also afraid of madonna's stealing the show. LOL.

    for me, this is my first time to watch this show thanks to madonna. i didn't know what eurovision is. i think they have to appreciate her. she makes eurovision great. doesn't she?

  2. Just now, Nikki said:

    she sounds fine in stonewall.. I hope to god @Kim's theory is right and she's just not putting in the effort for rehearsals and saving voice for in a few hours


    i was very surprised by her stonewall performance. especially at the end of CHFIL, she sounded angelic.

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