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  1. I am still loving Madame X it just seems to get deeper into my soul , the whole journey from start to finish , so grateful that she has made music that feeds my soul so consistently for so long .
  2. This song is magic in a very pure primal way ... the intention and dance being a woman’s circle .. how rhythm and beat and call and response actually creates a resonance that creates change ... not so Much a dark energy per say , except we have been programmed that this earth based spirituality is dark magic ... there for bringing light to the dark .. in my alleged opinion
  3. Why you spouting ageist crap here ? not everyone is learning from the ...
  4. In my humble opinion , It comes down to wisdom , which is really what I feel allot of us want from Madonna , her wisdom .. and she has plenty ! As i see it , when one is in youth ... you haven’t the wisdom .. so the drag , the effects , the vocal manipulations ... the spectacle ... give the spirit of wisdom a chance to shine through and be found .... when one has the wisdom , all of those things distract from the wisdom , and somehow it dilute’s it’s power ... I believe Pop music hasn’t figured this part of the equation.... and Madonna , being the Queen if Pop ... is boldly experi
  5. And , thank you Madonna .. for living your truth ... All Ways !
  6. I love Conchita wurst .. I hope him an Madonna Kiki !
  7. I enjoyed this so much. ( love the original , this one had me dance hard !)
  8. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/madonna/future.html
  9. Oh no , just something hot I found today , while crave-gate was going on .lol
  10. Absolutely Adore this , thank you ! even though I like the original , and suspect it to be the perfect end to the album , it does not stand alone as well as the other 2 for me this makes it stand alone , and I can listen to it as much as the other two now
  11. Couldn’t have said it better myself ! So well put . Thank you for that clear perspective !
  12. Its’s odd yes , took me a back for a minute ... then it grew .. I love her voice ! Heard it a second time .. hooked !
  13. It’s #MAGIC people she s a magician — this is a perfect meeting of the male and female energies harmonizing in a time where much imbalance of power is clearly revelled slow down papi bringing light to dark places ... I LOVE YOU MADONNA THANK YOU !
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