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  1. well deserved. This album is brilliant and also deserving of some grammy nods as well. Let's see if there is justice. Congrats Madonna. See you on tour in New York and Miami. Will be taking my parents as an early Christmas gift in December . Although casual listeners in her early years and for the most part unfamiliar with her more recent work , are thrilled to see her live for the first time after hearing about me recount over the years my numerous tour experiences and the magic she brings to the stage with each production.
  2. WOW WOW WOW.........from beginning to the end I had goosebumps... Takes you on an emotional journey. Its been a long time since I''ve fallen in love with an entire Madonna album first listen .
  3. that was truly the best part of the whole thing...very dramatic and intriguing....the rest and what came before not her best but ok. Overall I expected more
  4. wtf is this rubbish....ughhn its over phew
  5. beyond me why she pairs up with these low brow artists...hes dumb as F#ck
  6. well i would be surprised if she does do something along the lines of a performance let alone release new music on new years day or eve. My bets on us getting anything along those lines until mid to end of 1st quarter 2019
  7. After 34 years of my Madonna obsession The thrill and excitement of a new Madonna for me never dissipates along with my love and adoration of this woman No other artist makes my heart race with anticipation with every new project and performance as I comb through comments on this and other forums like her other die hard fans for information desperate for clues on whats to come like a teenage girl's obseesion a feast for the senses .and performance art at its finest through her interpretation both in video and live performance is her constant ..bold, provocative, powerful and intriguing...the suspense..unbearable as the legend continues.....as for her fellow artists school is now in session as she raises the bar..
  8. that's what Im talking about....super hot
  9. I agree, her movements are more fluid without the heels! May the Heels be gone !!!
  10. great performance, best of the night by far by the queen...would not go by crowd reaction as they pretty much reacted well to all the acts lol,,,,nonetheless still nice to see.
  11. Great post...no performer past or present has the balls this woman has or could walk in her her shoes. She understands that nothing worth fighting for comes easy and faces the firing squad without fear or compromise to her beliefs..
  12. Hope M brings back the swag and effortless fluidity most of us love in her dancing to the grammys and not kill the vibe with awkward acrobatics, tacky crotch thrusting or creepy a#s yoga dancing.. this track deserves better and I'm ready to go to church
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