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  1. Another great remix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3byVvfTZfqc
  2. Never thought I rise could actually be a club banger. This is fire! I
  3. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=12243797 New Zealand herald just gave her a rave review and an 80. Hopefully it counts
  4. also, could it be madonna in that shot? to me it just doesn't sound plausible they would drag in two people to a video shoot just to have them in a supershort random and barely visible shot
  5. sorry if this was already pointed out but did you notice there is a couple in one shot of the video as shadows? do you think they just decided for that random shot or they might've had further shots specifically for this video? it's at 2.38 mark
  6. This song has such a great remix potential
  7. Did anyone see this cute fan art? I wish i had a larger pic
  8. Well i think some theories are just over the top but i do believe this is not random, so i think these are either clues of the dates, or just a countdown... That 3, 2, 1 day difference between posts does sound like a countdown at least to me
  9. What if the single is being released tomorrow and this was a countdown? On her instagram stories the first x came 3 days after, than 2 days after, and then 1 day after...
  10. Omg, game of thrones! I forgot! What if she got some deal with them? Like lamd them a theme song for finale or something. Hat would be like the biggest promo ever. We all know she's a fan, the timing is therr, she had that talk with netflix we know nothing about still... Mensch said think outside of the box and coming with clouds? Ok maybe i'm just tired and this is too much wishful thinking
  11. Let's take a moment and acknowledge the improvement : On this day in 2014 half of rebel heart leaked. This time around we don't have even any song titles confirmed. Cheers
  12. At risk of getting stoned here, did it occur to anybody that she just didn't want to release her album at the same time with "a star is born“ and all of its hype?
  13. Perhaps the possible sudden involvement of nakhane made her rethink the direction and/or blend it in?
  14. Things have changed a lot... Today people have such short memory span and are fed with such tons of info that nowadays we use terms like "that's so last week". I believe if they announced a november or even an October release in august GP would've forgotten it by now. And let's be real, GP would also hardly sit at a clock ticking for three months anticipating new madonna record... Her fans on the other hand are fully aware of an album coming any time now. Get ready for surprise. Bookmark me if you will.
  15. Hehe ok, that's why i remembered it as September because these are basically last days of august. Thanks for bringing it up So still, i see nothing wrong with this album's build-up, or any reason to write off 2018 release. God i really pray it stays this way and i get to hear the record as she intended as a full on surprise
  16. Yeah, but what do you consider an official press release? Maybe my memory is wrong, but i remember in august 2005 she did confirm an album dropping later in the year, but at that point we still only knew that she's working with Price and we were calling the album Defying gravity. If i recall correctly they announced the name of the record, tentative date and single only in September. And even then we got nothing before Hung up was actually released, a month before the album, if you skip motorola advert. I mean... And that was then, when there was no paranoia over leaks. For all i know previous
  17. Guys, what are you all on about? If she went for Q4, most likely the album will drop late october or early november (closer to christmas). And for instance, in case of confessions the album was released in november and Hung up dropped on October 17th. We have a long way to go before we call 2018 off. And obviously after the rebel heart trauma her team is deliberately silent. And it seems to work. And i'm personally happy about it. So calm your tits.
  18. I'm starting to have a really good feeling about this, i mean, the hints are there. First of all they are serious about keeping it secret this time around, so it feels like they don't feel the need to build uo anticipation artifically. If she really did auditions for the dancers that means: 1. They have a vision already for the first video (the last time they auditioned was for "hung up") 2. They already know what the first single is even though the record is not finished. So they have a song they believed in early on. (the way they weren't sure about living for love, how to handle gmayl or gg
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