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  1. For a french fansite of Madonna, News of Madonna, Mirwais give a interview on he work for Madame X. You have known Madonna for a number of years, can you tell us how you met? It was in the autumn of 1999. We talked over the phone several times and then, once we had agreed on some songs to try out together, we met up at Studio Sarm West in London. I think she really liked my video and song “Disco Science” and was interested in trying out other titles together. You said that to be able to work to
  2. https://diacritik.com/2019/06/19/le-degre-madonna-de-la-culture-madame-x/ Article in French that in addition to a review of the album, reviews the criticism of his age, with the comparison with Springsteen "age becomes for him an added value, an old age whose nobility would only belong to men, that he would touch there to absolute virility: the ultimate grace, the infinite wisdom. whiskey that gets better with age, the woman like a Coke who, stale with time, loses its bubbles and its spiciness. " On the album he says in particular "Madonna is never as powerful as when she assu
  3. If I had to describe this album, I would say that Madame X is melancholically festive, as a reflection of her artist, Madonna seems happy and yet we also feel loneliness, this dichotomy makes the album unique.
  4. I listen God Control but now I wait for the rest, I want surprise for friday.
  5. FUCK. God Control is a masterpiece, it's crazy, wild, bold, bizzare, it's like Impressive Instant meet COADF with the politcal aspect of AL all this with Daft Punk influence. It's pure music, it's rich, dance, touching, it's just magic.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/magazine/madonna-madame-x.html Madonna shotting by JR. Beauty queen.
  7. In the frenchmagazine Têtu we have a description of the album. In recent weeks, the record industry was rumored to be rumored. We were talking about an album of featurings, a disco disc, a return to the sound of Music. It is not so. Certainly, there are some rappers on the album like Quavo or Colombian Maluma. But the star is struggling to bring pop music to new territories: fado, reggaeton, dancehall. We hear a crazy song, as if Daft Punk remixed Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (Dark Ballet), jazzy pianos and sick vocodors (God Control), implacable reggaeton sung in Portuguese (Faz Gostoso
  8. The prod is great but her voice...god it's bad really bad, I meant ok she want to change like the character but it's don't work here for me.
  9. Having the info on the date are not really bad, I meant it's not like the song leak
  10. On itunes we see I Rise 3 May Crave feat Swae Lee 10 May Future feat Quavo 17 May and Dark Ballet 7 June
  11. The strategy is not stupid, the time is that people get tired of a song rather quickly, they need constant new things. In addition, to release several titles so quickly is also a chance to squat the charts.
  12. If it's true I find that sad to have just the feat song, I want her alone.
  13. Im in for a connect journey, I meant why do this Madame X concept if it's just video with no connection.
  14. Yeah for me Madonna going to wait the clip on MTV before giving us the song, it's logical for me.
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