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  1. 59 minutes ago, MLVC82 said:

    here's some news for you....

    “Medellín” has finally been moved to @Madonna’s “Top 5” on Spotify! Her monthly listeners have skyrocketed, and she’s also moved up 34 positions (from 289th) to 255th in the world, all thanks to “Medellín.”

    Actually she's moved up 36 positions (291th)

    April 16 - 291th

    April 17 - 282th

    April 18 - 275th

    April 19 - 264th

    April 20 - 255th

  2. Medellín on New Music Friday, with 3.177.549 followers

    Cover on Pop Up, with 2.936.020 followers

    Novidades da Semana (New Music Friday Brazil) with 1.323.666 followers

    New Music Friday UK with 707.631

    New Music Friday Deutschland, with 523.775

    Cover on New Music Friday Latin, with 362.614

    New Music Friday Franve, with 232.543 followers

    Cover on New Music Friday Netherlands, with 190.136 followers

    Cover on New Music Friday Belgium, with only 2.244 followers


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