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  1. I'm so happy about her bringing these wonderful womans from Cabo Verde
  2. Here in Brazil they discussed about the video and gun control http://g1.globo.com/globo-news/estudio-i/videos/t/todos-os-videos/v/clipe-de-madonna-reabre-discussao-sobre-porte-de-armas-nos-eua/7724240/
  3. God Control growing on Spotify since monday Keep streaming! 23/06 - 1.437.503 (+61.635) 24/06 - 1.505.948 (+68.445) 25/06 - 1.579.808 (+73.860) 26/06 - 1.659.434 (+79.626)
  4. Sputnik Music counts on metacritic. Another 80 https://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/79698/Madonna-Madame-X/?fbclid=IwAR3KjoaOoAQ1mCKjE3lA0BK40HrOM73GWpqhiQ83MPe-iTRLFoGJqvnsVUY
  5. He's racist. Send to pitchfork. And someone exposed him about trashing Gaga just because A Star Is Born was more commented than Caution https://mobile.twitter.com/ZacharyRandol13/status/1140899628042215426?fbclid=IwAR2WVz1qHqGWHQS_M6VBomPLh31FtPSgYY7QqvTf6EWEAodanDdbqVW5Wbo
  6. When Miley Cyrus EP got 4.6 form Pitchfork, her metacritic get down 10 points! We have to expose this piece of shit who wrote
  7. I know... but let's be positive. I knew a rumor from twitter that her team are negotiate 16 dates on Latin America.
  8. The full interview with no editing in english and subtitles in portuguese. https://g1.globo.com/fantastico/noticia/2019/06/17/veja-a-integra-da-entrevista-com-madonna.ghtml?fbclid=IwAR0xqq7N-Rz4fNKhtN7Qz2d6n_xBmlgSHaHst2RKSNU1GUsmIs5KBumErtQ
  9. Tomorrow Madonna will be appear on Fantastico. The journalist will ask about the song.
  10. Let brazilians spamming her on instagram. Thanks to us the song is the most streamed on spotify. Brazilian fans (especially Anitta fans) are united for streaming Faz Gostoso.
  11. Most streamed songs on Spotify: Faz Gostoso: 14/06 - 898.545 (+892.193) Medellín 14/06 - 22.911.196 (+479.752) Crazy: 14/06 - 374.880 (+368.336) God Control: 14/06 - 321.619 (+313.058) Bitch I'm Loca: 14/06 - 287.929 (+283.087) Dark Ballet: 14/06 - 1.204.978 (+274.578) Future: 14/06 - 3.485.335 (+249.849) Batuka: 14/06 - 231.326 (+225.610) I Don't Search I Find: 14/06 - 228.445 (+223.597) Crave: 14/06 - 4.312.268 (+223.057) Killers Who Are Partying:
  12. All indicators point to a #1 debut for Madonna on next week's HITS Top50. With a ticket bundle and D2C offerings fueling half of the opening total, expect Madame X to give Madge her first #1 since 2012's MDNA. Madonna (Live Nation/Maverick/Interscope) 80-100k total activity, 75-95k albumBruce Springsteen (Columbia) 42-47k, 40-44k http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=316829&title=MADONNA,-BRUCE-HEADED-FOR-TOP-DEBUTS&redirect=mobile?fbclid=IwAR2Vdp_GqY7mdrXYGI3ggDaZ1rv7vyVuPbzRD3gyJWRFd8J8F3Ku59iEjiQ
  13. I want the video release right now, with the drags and Scarface look
  14. Now speak seriously. There's a long time her love relationship with Brazil. I feel represented with her singing in Portuguese in some of her songs, but Faz Gostoso is brazilian essence. Madonna brings joy to Brazil in dark times with our stupid president. I hope she brings Madame X Tour here and sings Faz Gostoso in a full sold out stadium.
  15. Guys, Madame X was released at the same day homophobia was criminalized in Brazil It's a gread day here
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