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  1. I agree with others that it does feel a bit sad that album and singles didn't give us at least one hit song and that it has put a damper on the era but I don't think that's what Madonna was after anyway. If she was she could have made a much more commercial album, at this stage in her career she's clearly much more interested in experimenting and being artistic. The Pride performance was good but could've been more celebratory and colourful imo, same with the Esc performance but again that's not what M is about right now and that's why we love her. She does it her way. Sadly I couldn
  2. Personally I love the album, videos and interviews we got. The promo performances could've been better imo but I believe that the tour will really make the new songs come alive There's not much to talk about right now. M is rehearsing, there's no big controversy or gossip about her in the media to discuss right now. Once the tour starts there will plenty to talk about.
  3. I really like Batuka. It's warm and interesting sounding. What I do wonder about is with "call and response" that Madonna does in the song. To me it sounds like Madonna calls and Madonnas voice also responds, rather then Madonna calls and the choir responds. It makes me feel like she didn't use the choir as much as she could've. What are your thoughts?
  4. Do you guys think he is dating Madonna? She did say in a recent interview that she is in love. I really hope they are. He seems lovely.
  5. God Control is a great song but it's not single material. I love that she released it though. As has been said a million times here: for Madonnas team it's not about hit singles anymore, it's about album sales and ticket sales. Madonna does what she wants this time around. She wants to focus on the messages and artistic value. Reading the Mojo interview makes it clear that she is not interested in chasing pophits. She clearly didn't enjoy making the last three albums, with this album however her inspiration and energy is back. Thank you universe!
  6. She wasn't rude, it was all banter. People don't have any sense of humour online especially not on shitty Twitter. I think she was funny, made fun of herself and joked a lot. Who cares about people's opinions, Madonna couldn't care less so why should we.
  7. I would say that it got a little bit frosty between M and Sheryl at the end. Sheryl said something a bit shady related to her having small kids but Madonna won in the end announcing her Pride performance. Don't like Sheryl
  8. This! Sheryl has been shady as hell about Madonna in recent years so it will be interesting to see them together. Ian Mckellan is always lovely and uplifting on the show and I'm sure he'll get on really well with M.
  9. She can perform anything imo but she has to do Vogue at Pride. It is a gay anthem if there ever was one, everyone loves it and vogueing is hotter than ever
  10. San Marino is super fun I have to agree An old queen with two twink dancers in shorts, can't get anymore camp then that Well if there's 7 million people watching then that amazing, I do believe Madonnas performance will bring in even more viewers this year so that's great for everyone.
  11. Absolutely! The queen will slaaay!
  12. I live in London and I don't know any English people who watch it a part from gays but ok. Yes Kelly would've been so much more fun instead they're sending another boring Xfactor ballad. My favorites tonight a part from Queen M are Sweden, Greece and Cyprus who actually feels a bit Madonna imo
  13. I know and thank you for that. I live in London, my husband is English and he's not a Brexiter either
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