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  1. This was rude. Where was I rude in my original comment? All I did was give my perspective on why it was slow around here and state that the idea that MX is being perceived poorly by fans is ridiculous. Was that rude of me? It appears you were being tongue in cheek with the "Is MX that bad," comment, but I guess I'm not too bright like you said. OR I based my perspective on other harsh/negative comments I'd seen you make in other threads and assumed you were being serious. Either way you jumped on my innocuous comment first. Multiple members have messaged me stating how negative you
  2. OK I think I need to learn to play the accordion! Madame X inspired me to pick up a guitar in 2001, now she's gonna get me playing the squeezebox! I'm obsessing with how it meanders through the song and the cool electronic filters on it. Her vocals are so beautiful in this song too gahd. Gorgeous. The heart of Madame X is Killers.
  3. Dude I don't like Kylie either but your comments in a Kylie thread are a perfect example of your over the top condescending histrionics towards anyone who's opinion isn't the same as your holy one. You're a joy murdering buzzkill in any thread I've seen you in. This thread was never an interesting idea and you aren't funny. Look it up.
  4. Leave you to what exactly, Kim? Hysterical and condescending threads about how atrocious Kylie Minogue is? Pot stirring/ otherwise pointless threads about MX killing MNation? At least it's stirred a few pages of dialogue! Well done, jack hole! I'm sure this thread will encourage members to be more involved!
  5. I'm only on here less and posting less because I'm enjoying the album every day, sharing the videos with my friends and family whenever I can, and talking about her on Twitter. Until the tour starts there isn't a lot to talk about right now, but it's not because "MX is bad" lol what a ridiculous thing to say. It was so active because of all the rumors and anticipation prior to the album release. But with no videos or performances or appearances to talk about at the moment, we're all off just enjoying what she's created for us.
  6. Pedestrian? Small painted stone? Not in her top twenty best videos? Is it crack you smoke? These are some of the best videos of her career I have no clue what you are going on about. You and mimifarts can go fuck a garbage disposal tbh
  7. OH wow, chills all over my body and tears in my eyes, this is all so special. I am so fascinated by the Batuque now and learning more about the history, that broke my heart seeing the slave ships on the horizon and the women crying, yet the euphoric defiance in their music and dance and drumming, they are strong no matter what comes. Jesus I love this woman
  8. We saw a pic of her at the beach with them ages ago
  9. http://www.ncai.org/ National Congress of American INDIANS The National Congress of American Indians, founded in 1944, is the oldest, largest and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native organization serving the broad interests of tribal governments and communities.
  10. Some members here got pissed and nasty towards other posters at just the suggestion the lips could be a reference to her Mother, which was obvious from the image.
  11. Just wake and baking and rewatching videos from this on my day off, American Life is fucking brilliant I love it more every time I watch, shes so badass, I love her energy fffff
  12. EXACTLY! The album speaks for itself, it's a brilliant piece unlike any other album out there, so few have even a SINGLE masterpiece, while M has created yet another 37 years into the game.
  13. Then you must not have patience for yourself, MLVC was responding to "even if the sales decline from here" or whatever, not " no one can take that away from her." That would hardly make sense. Also since when did your bitch ass try to be a nice person ya cunt?! But really there was no need for them to point out that it dropped. MX is another brilliant album in her catalogue and yes, another #1.
  14. I... yea this thread sucks now, thanks bitches. Madonna is amazing and delivered a historic moment in her career performing at world pride for the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots, with a set that spoke an imperative message and plea for our future while also celebrating and rejoicing in how far we have come. But shes also fat, depressed, wrecked with anxiety, oh and also a shit singer. Cool. Fuck. This. Thread.
  15. AL and God Control are my favorite from the performance, just wonderful, so well done, this is Madonna 2019 and I am in awe. Did not expect the staging and choreography for I Rise! I loved that!! The typewriter noises in Vogue, brilliant. She delivered another fantastic performance start to finish really. I'm so lucky to be on this journey with her.
  16. So victims have a copywrite on trauma, if u portray trauma of any kind in art you must pay the victims for the right to use it. If you are Madonna at least. Old bitch that she is. White savior cultural appropriating witch that she is. This generation is pathetic, the world is doomed.
  17. I left a facebook group about social justice issues yesterday that shared some article from CNN about the video and they were calling it "trauma porn," and I commented in her defense a few times but these girls kept sharing things from this tumblr called Yourfavisproblematic, and it was too much to keep up, everything listed was bullshit, from appropriating Vogue to using Nazi symbolism, of course with no context given and misconstrued in the worst ways, "calling Obama a black Muslim," I ended up quitting the page and blocking a few members. The ignorance is so so so deep
  18. Same haha I loved it from day one, but except I didnt like some vocal effect at the end, some people on MadonnaLand were calling it the dying donkey voice or something haha and even though I loved the rap when I first heard it, other people made fun of it so I started to cringe at it. I was 17 Love every part of the song now, and the album is still my favorite after all these years! I cant wait to see her perform this again, I wondered if she ever would! I died when she did it at Tears of a Clown! And the rap is perfect
  19. OMG Here comes our first live performance of God Control after all!!! (yea I'm jumping to that conclusion based on these legs entirely haha)
  20. I'm so in love with this pop masterpiece! Such euphoric JOY! I've never heard her sing in the way as in "They say be all I can and all I want is peace, please please please please please," every time it gets to that part my face gets chills haha Love her so much!
  21. It's bizarre and confusing for me. It's grown on me a lot and I actually love it now, the accordion, her voice, it's all enchanting and a bit unsettling. The lyrics at first really confused me, but it's clearer to me now that she's saying that she'll use her voice for those who need it/can't speak up for themselves. She is just so odd haha The cutesy way she sings "if the poor are humiliated," is a strange choice for her delivery and I'm not sure how to interpret it? "Native Indian"....is not really something one says, and "if the Indian are taken"? Honey they been taken from their land f
  22. Hmm she changed her hashtag on her latest instagram post to #waitingforanitta so....
  23. Ya know, the wealthy (mostly white) gays that will be attending this could use a good sermon in the middle of their celebrating. Many are shallow, racist transphobes who do nothing to uplift the other members of our community who aren't so privileged. These are rich elite gays. They could use a reminder that their ripped abs and perfect tans and amazing clothes are meaningless distractions from the pain going on in the world. American Life is a great song to perform for that segment of the crowd for sure. American Life+Future is certainly a statement we need today and she's brave to do it. Def
  24. holy shshshshshshhs You really are such a saint on this forum giving us all the insider knowledge that you can! Bless you
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