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  1. Just now, Bat-Fan said:

    Why just No? You don't think this is the song that she wanted to do for eurovision and they didn't want because of contraversy? There are always changes in plans and you always want to just firmly believe things are all going as planned and maybe you are right, but I personally think this was intended as the first single and record company did not want it released as the intro to the album campaign.

    No. I don’t.

  2. On 6/23/2019 at 4:41 AM, Nightshade said:

    Did she ever explain what the title means?

    I’m assuming the “killers” are the silent majority whose lack of awareness or compassion are either emotionally, mentally, or physically breaking down the oppressed groups she sings of. They are carrying on and “partying” while their fellow man suffers.

    That’s my interpretation.  

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