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  1. Well, Killers is my second fave on the album (only behind EO), but Batuka has become the most haunting for me. It’s such an ominous piece of art. When she chants “let me catch my breath” and the drums intensify, I get chills. It’s her warning song about our political climate. And the outro is one of the most melancholy instrumentals of her career. I’m obsessed with it.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    Ugh, I can't stop watching this and try to catch all the little nuances throughout the video. 

    What annoys me that as much press this is getting, it's only 1.3 million views in nearly 24 hours in, yet Taylor Swift can drop her video and 12 hours in, she's 10 to 20 million views in. Keep in mind, I"m not trying to take a dig at Taylor.  My objective is that Madonna is getting all this press and she's still slowly pulling in the views. I really expected by now it would had at least 5 million views if not more.  The press on this video is huge! 

    The sooner you stop putting so much clout in views and charts, the sooner you’ll be able to just enjoy the material. Otherwise, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy being annoyed.

  3. No other pop star would dare in today’s cancel culture. This video just reiterates Madonna’s place as our most culturally-significant entertainer. She is creating a much-needed conversation about gun legislation under the guise of pop music. She makes people think. She makes people debate. She could rest on her laurels, head to Vegas, perform her beloved hits, and record a covers album. Instead, in the fourth decade of her illustrious career, she serves us a visual feast like God Control on a platter. She releases an album so forward-thinking and experimental that even the most seasoned critics are left to catch their collective breath. She takes the road less traveled by. And thank God for it. What would we do without her? So next time you feel like bitching about an outfit, grills, or a collab you’re not feeling, take pause and appreciate that the most important star in our history is still here, creating, evolving, shaking things up, and expressing herself in new ways. God Control is an example of a pop goddess in her prime...long after her “prime.”

  4. 8 minutes ago, reQuiem4adream said:

    Not trying to be a grammar police here. But the use of everyday is correct. Everyday as adjective doesn’t mean things happen every single day, but rather happen very often. Correct me if I’m wrong. 

    It’s used incorrectly. It would be one thing if it were used as an adjective and read “It’s an everyday occurrence.” Instead, it reads “It’s happening everyday.”

  5. 9 minutes ago, peter said:

    I noticed that, too — proofreading and copy editing for work can sometimes be such a curse in everyday life. 

    But I’m not going to nitpick. The video is epic. I got chills watching it and my eyes definitely got teary. It is powerful and repeat viewings would deepen appreciation. I’m not ready to watch it again jusy yet, but I know I will.

    She is amazing and fearless.

    I agree. I also noticed the incorrect usage of “everyday” instead of “every day” in the opening titles. But it doesn’t take away from this masterful video.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Shane said:

    So it’s a mystery that she quoted lyrics at the GLAAD ceremony that aren’t in the song?!

    Thanks everyone for translating!

    I wonder if she was only quoting the “life is a circle” portion and we all assumed what followed was also from the song? Maybe she was just going back to her speech.

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