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  1. How amazing is this? Sara, a member of M’s team, posted this for her birthday. Look at the different aesthetic options for the cover/booklet/disc that surround them! Madonna is so involved in her art, right down to its visual presentation. Check out the array of font treatments and designs that were considered. Nothing is by accident with Madonna. The cover art we were presented with is 100% her vision!




  2. 16 hours ago, Icykiller said:

    FG without question. Never thought I would like it but I do. BIL is like thst one annoying song in every M album: Spanish Lesson, I'm So Stupid, Don't Stop, Bday Song, Push, Runaway Lover, ...It wouldn't be a M album without one, lol!

    Ahh! I'm So Stupid and Runaway Lover are in my top tracks from their respective albums! Guess it's just like @Flip The Switch said...so many diverse opinions for such an all-encompassing artist. It's a good thing.

  3. 1 minute ago, dollhouse said:

    The promotion was short, quick and fast paced. All performances and 5 videos were done and released in just few months. 

    Back in the day, we would just begin to prepare for a second video and single.



    That’s a good point. Times have definitely changed. 2019 is so different from 1999 or even 2009 in terms of how artists approach album promotion.

  4. I’m assuming the place was busier pre-album because of all the anticipation, rumors, leaks, reviews, etc. But it seems like everyone loves the album and I still visit multiple times a day! I guess the decrease in activity is natural after an album has been out for over a month. I bet we’ll see a resurgence of activity in the weeks leading up to the tour and throughout its run! Very excited. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    The point is that hearing works-in-progress before the final versions that complete the artists vision (let alone being exposed to them while the process is still going) shapes our perceptions, in more ways than one (and far more than we probably realize). And thus affect the way we take in, perceive, and process the true, final version of the work. Artists know this...that's why 99% of the time they don't expose their work to the public until they believe it's finished and fulfills their vision. Hearing earlier versions/demos later, after the fact, is different, as then those perceptions of the work are built on the foundation of the final work (as most artists probably intend).

    Your patience is commendable.

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