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  1. 13 hours ago, I Don’t Search I Find said:

    Slant Magazine includes “God Control” in its list of the “The 50 Best Songs of 2019”. 

    12. Madonna, “God Control”
    Madonna has a reputation for being a trendsetter, but her true talent lies in bending those trends to her will, twisting them around until they’re barely recognizable. Madame X’s pièce de résistance, at least in that regard, is the six-minute “God Control,” which begins with the queen of pop conjuring the spirit and disaffected monotone of Kurt Cobain—“I think I understand why people get a gun/I think I understand why we all give up,” she sings through clenched teeth—before the whole thing implodes into a euphoric, densely layered samba-disco-gospel mash-up. Madonna’s vocals alternate between Auto-Tuned belting, urgent whispers, and Tom Tom Club-style rapping as she takes on the gaslight industrial complex and so-called political reformers. On paper, it might sound like the ingredients for a musical Hindenburg, but—somewhere around the midpoint, when she declares, “It’s a con, it’s a hustle, it’s a weird kind of energy!”—it all coheres into the most exhilaratingly batshit thing she’s done in years. Cinquemani

    Excellent write-up!

  2. Just now, Samo said:

    I said it's a visual album just as Madonna is a visual artist in that, she's playing different personas on the album, that make up Madame X, not in that she was gonna make a video for every song type visual album...


    It's all pointless now anyway, 98% of the general public have no idea about the album or that she's even on tour, her career, legacy and lack of PR push has been an absolute DISGRACE in the last 10 years


    There's no other way to put it


    It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from


    Ashame because RH and MX are good albums

    You’re so overdramatic, it’s ridiculous. All I asked for was for you to back up your claim that it was a “so-called visual album.” You can’t, got it. Do you ever get tired of complaining? Because we’re tired of reading your moaning about magazine covers FIVE months after the fact.

    We got nineteen new songs, five music videos, and a critically-acclaimed tour. Her artistic passion is unmatched and we’re beyond lucky that she’s so engaged nearly 35 years into her career. What a waste of energy to continually bitch about the commercial aspect of this inspired project.

  3. Three months on, and Madame X is one of Madonna’s most integral albums. A true artistic statement. Sometimes sparse, sometimes chaotic, but always focused and intentional. Her most political record and one of her most enjoyable as a complete listen front-to-back. Cannot wait to see how this machine comes to visual life on stage!

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