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  1. On 6/9/2019 at 12:02 PM, Shane said:

    Seems like we should be getting another crop soon.  Mojo, Spin, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Attitude, Slant, Pitchfork, All Music Guide, Los Angeles Times, Consequence of Sound

    “I’m waiting for you. I have always been waiting for you.”

  2. Guys, I am dying to listen to the leak, click all these threads, and join the song discussions! I’m trying to hold off a couple more days and hear the album in its entirety after it downloads to my music library and I can listen at home on proper headphones with candles lit. I’ve heard the five properly released songs (and love each so much), but LAWD GIVE ME STRENGTH!

    Anyway, I feel alone. Anyone else in my boat? I haven’t resisted a leak since American Life. I hope I can make it! I feel sooooo out of the loop. 😂😂😂😂

  3. I love that she’s featured as the narrator while letting Mykki shine. A modern take on Joan of Arc with an openly trans, HIV+ main character. My mind has been blown by Madame X so far. As she said in Survival, “no risk, no glory.” Madonna could be home crocheting, and instead she delivers THIS.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    Here's an interesting conversation to have... I've noticed that some fans on social media are upset that Madonna isn't in the video but for a few seconds. I have a feeling I know some fans here will echo that same feeling, but I like to counteract that by saying that this is a BOLD move by Madonna to not include herself in the video..  Pretty much in every music video of hers, she plays the center character in the video.  It's interesting that she's taking a step back and letting her vision be acted out by someone else, changing the narrative a bit, and allowing it be told through the eyes of a HIV gay black man.  I suspect a lot of the general public that sees this video will totally miss her vision, but I hope fans will appreciate and respect why she decided to take a back seat in this video by not appearing in it as much.  I think her vision, lyrics and own words speaks volumes... at least for me, that is.  

    I agree 100%. Madonna’s limited visibility in the video was necessary to get her story across. Her narration is enough.

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