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  1. 56 minutes ago, Shane said:

    Killers Who Are Partying is an amazing song, and it’s sad to see the pin head logic when it comes to the lyrics.  These are the same people who probably post pics on their social media saying “I am Pulse” and “Je suis Charlie” and have zero problem with it.  The song is a show of solidarity, and the chorus rebukes any argument that she is trying to BE any of those groups.  People’s idiocy in this day and age is astounding.

    I agree with every word you said. And, yes, Killers is a standout, necessary track indeed.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    The Rebel Heart backlash is sad. People that loved the album for years are now talking about it so negatively.  Not just in this thread, but all over the forum in many threads. Seems to happen when new albums are released. 

    I have found  that the saddest part of this new era. Love that people are enjoying Madame X but the sudden trashing of Rebel Heart from people that previously loved it has been sad to read. 


    I’m hating this also, Jan.

  3. 13 minutes ago, Ai Papi Si. said:

    You know what shocks me more than anything? That’s so many of you guys don’t see where some of us are coming from. It’s strange. Not saying this in a negative or mean way. It’s just weird that no one at least sees why ppl like me are frustrated 

    I've never been one to worry myself over a performance that hasn't happened. But to each their own. Knock yourselves out.

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