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  1. 8 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    I think Biden is going to win.  He has just taken the lead in Michigan and should win Wisconsin.  Very strong mail in votes . Fingers crossed for Democratic win 

    I think so too. He doesn’t even need PA to win at this point. Come on, Joe and Kamala!

  2. I cannot believe she gave us this experimental, political masterpiece nearly FORTY YEARS into her career. The sounds, the languages, the lyrical content, the aesthetics, the music videos, the tour. It was all so...artistic and genuine. Whew! We don’t deserve her. TOP SHELF MADONNA.

    Don’t forget the gifts we received this era:

    19 new songs

    6 music videos

    3 album covers

    Pressed on cassette (multiple versions)!

    Metacritic of 70

    Socially-conscious material

    Brunette hair finally

    Box set

    Limited colored vinyls

    A mini documentary

    A universally acclaimed tour

    Performed 75 shows

    Pop up shop

    An upcoming concert film in Lisbon

    Album appeared on multiple year-end “best of” lists

    An engaging social media presence

    Amazing/limited merch

    Intricate VIP book

    Gorgeous tour book

    Attained her ninth #1 album

    Extended record-breaking dance #1 hits

    Pride 50 performance

    Stonewall appearance

    Billboard Awards performance

    GLAAD speech/honorary award

    British Vogue shoot/cover

    Madame X Sirius Radio



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