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  1. I Never thought i would But i Love it !! more than medellin
  2. 1. Come Alive 2. Medellín 3. I don’t Search 4. Crave 5. God Control
  3. My local radio station just played god control here in Germany!! I am surprised
  4. 1. Come Alive 2. Medellin 3. Crave 4. I Don’t search I Find 5. God Control
  5. Is it to soon to rate all the songs !? and when does the god control video comes!??
  6. It’s my favorite!! love love love it!!
  7. 5 seconds of Madonna in the video ist a disturbing video
  8. I’m waiting for new music it almost hurt
  9. Welcher Sender ? einslive spielt sie gar nich mehr ne ?
  10. Im now in love ! up to 9 in Germany on iTunes
  11. I loved it like a prayer ok but I didn’t liked met like a prayer Future was fire and she looked beautiful but i hate the German press i will not read this garbage
  12. Hab ich gelesen eben ich fand’s gut nicht perfekt aber future was cool
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