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  1. 4 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    I still don't know quite how to articulate my full feelings for this record...because it's that good. No...downright phenomenal. Nearly 40 years into the game, and she puts out one of her finest records, let alone her most experimental. I'm still taken aback at what I'm listening to each time I play the album. And how many new little details I uncover from each listen. Without exaggeration, there is SO much to uncover in these songs it's almost too much. And then there's the visuals, which, lets' face it, are her best in nearly two decades...but sit perfectly alongside her career best. And then there's the very concept of the record which also continues to reveal itself through each listen. Good god. It's actually overwhelming.

     This is truly a special era that the likes of may not quite be seen again for a long time. So I'm going to cherish every moment of it.

    I also enjoy every moment of this era and this jewel that is Madame x.

    is one of the best records of her carrer, We do not know when we will live something like this again.

    I do not think to cry for the charts, sales, if it dances more or less, I value all the effort that she has dedicated to this record, to this era.


  2. I find it incredible that there are fans complaining about this era and claiming that it is focused on her creams and children and not on their music.

    I remember you..

    . Madame x her best album in ten years, I would say that one of the best of her career..

    . Amazing reviews.

    .one of the best videos of her career ( God control)

    .videos for each song.

    .visually impeccable.

    .spectacular photos

    . number one in 60 countries on itunes.

    . number one in Usa once again (singing in Spanish and Portuguese)

    ...promotion in apple, Spotify, Snapchat, instagram ...

    has made a spectacular record without thinking about sales, reaching out to young people, sounding on radios, sHe has done what he wanted, he took a risk and she gave us a gift to her fans.

    for me Madame x is one of the best eras that Madonna has given us.

    the only fault, Eurovision.


    It seems that many fans are carried away by the wave of hatred towards Madonna that reigns in the media and social networks .. a shame .. in the end they will get away with it.

    valuing her yesterday performance  for videos of poor quality

  3. Well, I did not like Eurovision!  nevertheless yesterday's performance yes I liked it .. I loved Vogue and God control..


    Now it turns out that Mdna tour t Rebel heart tour was a shit ...:drama:.. I do not know what else to expect from  Madonna fans.. 

    any artist would kill for doing a show like Madonna.!!.

    we do not deserve everything that she gives us.

  4. 59 minutes ago, FeTuoni said:

    What’s wrong with people? Madonna is about to be 61 and she’s not super human. Your body goes through changes no matter how healthy you are. It happens to everyone. People’s voices change overtime. You have less stamina. Madonna is doing the unthinkable. Last night’a show was proof of that. She danced, she sang, she brought the theatrics. She went above and beyond. But from now on, there will be limitations. The least we can do is to show this woman, who’s been a machine for 40 years, that we love her and we appreciate her and that we got her back. If you don’t like her artistic choices, FINE, but don’t hate her... time goes by faster than you think. Love her NOW. 

    We will all have limitations at their age, I do not understand these absurd criticisms, really sometimes the  Madonna fans are her worst enemis.

    I think yesterday she did a great show.  you can not expect she dance like when I was 30 or 40 years old ... someday you'll understand (because if we all get old (


    one day she will not break records, she will not be number one, and it seems that when that moment arrives many fans will not be ready.

    I just say .. thank you Madonna for continuing, for not giving up, for being a pillar in my life, for making me happy .. Thank you!

    thanks for Madame x!

  5. The truth is that I did not expect anything else, her songs do not sound on radios etc.

    so it's impossible to sell, anyway I think the sale of discs is dead. and she has achieved her number one to add to her list.

    It is sad that we live in a society where news and headlines generate detune or fall on the scene that value an anti-weapons message or a message of peace as in Eurovision.

     following day of Eurovision the network was full of insults to Madonna, after God control I do not see all that  mediatic attention.

    I think we should enjoy the art of Madonna and stop suffering for the Charts and numbers, she has never had it easy, and every time it's going to be more difficult.

    We live in a society of shit, where only youth, ignorance, beauty are valued. 

    Do not be too smart, do not be afraid of injustice, have an opinion, be a woman, then you will be separated, criticized..that is Madonna!.


  6. 16 minutes ago, Frozenpower said:

    I know it's too soon, but do you think Madame X could get any grammy nominations

    I think it will be ignored as always.

    this album deserves all the prizes of the world, but Madonna is not Beyoncé or Gaga..

    I do not think it will surprise us that they do not nominate her, 

    a record sung in Spanish.  Portuguese, reggeton, fado ... awarded by the American industry?  

    I really see it almost impossible ... I wish I was wrong.


  7. the problem is that it seems that in uk .. usa ,Europe  only want to listen to cute girls, 30, 40 ..

    can not allow a 60-year-old woman to remain on top.

    Eurovision was a disaster and it hurt, but this situation comes from before.

    for me it is a great achievement that has been placed in second place after a career of more than 30 years, when nobody believed in her, when your singles do not sound on radios because of their age, after constantly receiving malicious headlines.

    I think it's a miracle that he still manages to sell her albums and do it in second place. that another artist could do something like that?

    the problem is that without you not sound on the radio, pubs etc. it is difficult to get new younger followers, more if they are constantly comparing you with other singers, discrediting your legacy.

    I do not care much about charts and sales lists ... really now with streaming it's more like a circus.

    I almost give more importance to being number one in Itunes.

    Long live the Queen!


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