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  1. Just now, dcbyebyebaby said:

    Ive read you need to actually play the song on the playlist itself. They take songs off playlist if they are skipped or not played as much. Im honestly not sure if Spotify stops counting your streams after 10 a day. I think its just for chart purposes though. 

    Thanks! I've been streaming from the popup playlist. I hope it helps keep her in that one!

  2. 1 minute ago, horn said:

    Japanese edition has been revealed!

    No bonus tracks

    Both CD will be in SHM-CD format

    1 CD Standard
    Country - Japan
    Catalog No. - UICS1352
    Number of Disc - 1
    Tracks - 13
    Format - SHM-CD

    2 CD Deluxe
    Country - Japan
    Catalog No. - UICS9159
    Number of Disc - 1 <----- An error?
    Tracks - 15
    Format - SHM-CD


    No bonus tracks😭😭😭

  3. Just now, peter said:

    Okay, I know I risk sounding like a curmudgeon, but ... really, I have tried with this streaming stuff. I have found listening on YouTube to be the simplest way to hear the song I want to hear (Medellín) immediately. Spotify is annoying — it made me listen to a Grace Jones song before Medellín, and then, after I created a playlist with Medellín and some other Madonna tracks, it added a bunch of other songs I don’t want to listen to. And there’s no way to skip them. It remembers where I am on the playlist if I leave it and come back. The official Madonna Medellín playlist is supposed to be all Madonna songs (starting with the new single, ending with BIM) — and Spotify is playing an HQ2 remix of a Toni Braxton song. 

    I don’t mean any disrespect to Ms. Jones or Ms. Braxton, btw! But there is a new Madonna single out — that’s what I want to listen to.

    I have been trying to listen through streaming so that I help her numbers somewhat (even though I know *all* of my plays won’t count — lol!) .... but really, my experience today makes me want to just listen to the iTunes download. If I wanted to be forced to listen to things I don’t want to hear, I’d turn on the radio...? 

    Sorry for sounding spoiled. Rant over.

    You should sign up for the 30 day free premium trial so you can just play the song on repeat.

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