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  1. 3 minutes ago, Je5u5 said:

    I'm uploading a (rough) split screen comparison of the broadcasted performance vs what the audience saw. Two different performances. I guess they didn't want to risk it. With Madonna being the pro she is it's not too noticeable but with Maluma it's easier to see as in some parts he holds the mic with a different hand, he holds the bottle while speaking to the audience in the audience version but doesn't in the broadcast and so on. And the people surrounding the b stage is a different group altogether.

    I had no idea! My powers of observation must be SO low...

  2. Just now, Jazzy Jan said:

    :tigger:  Wow !    

    Got stuck in traffic and have had to wait wait wait to see this.  Just fast forwarded it to the Madonna performance from the show I taped.  Well worth the wait.  My God,  I love Madonna as i always do.  Never ever lets us down.    Such an incredible, joyous, beautiful  performer.  She was everything.  So much work went into this.  That everyone is what a professional, inspirational performer does.  Puts work, effort, talent and thought into things.  

    So proud to be a Madonna fan. Seeing her put on such a great performance as always.  She can perform and dance the arse off all the rest of the girls and women put together.   Maluma was sexy and fun and they have great chemistry together.    Going to re watch this over and over.  

    Have been incredibly sad but Madonna again has given me joy and life.  Loved the dress and hair - loved everything. 

    Glad Madonna could cheer you up!! 

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