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  1. Yeah in the 80's I saw lots of white people with dreadlocks, still see some doing this.

    I wanted some at one point in the late 80's, but instead I just got some crazy curls :lol:

    How it has become something to be offended by if people of the "wrong" colour or culture likes and adopts traits from others is really beyond me. It's a natural human thing, and a good thing to like things/get inspired by each other.

  2. It's just a stupid girl. Thing is she's playing right into Trump and other right wingers game. This video will be on Drudge and other right wing websites in no time and on top of it all she'll probably get death threats for that. She is what we call "une idiote utile" for the right wingers.

    I went to see Angela Davis at La Sorbonne in may last year and she talked about these social justice warriors and how conterproductive they were because somebody asked her about the afro she used to wear in the 60's & 70's and how someone like Beyonce was bleaching and straightening her hair and white people wearing corn braids. She said that when you have young men being shot at for being black the way people wear their hair is a rich people's concern and silly.

    I agree with everything, well written.

  3. I'm ok! So Sweet to think of me ❤️❤️❤️

    I was in Brussels last sunday. Its scares the shit out of me when hate comes so close.

    But for the last week Im wearing my most colorfull clothes and accessories, and im smiling and winking at everybody.

    Those terrorist aint breaking my big gay hippie heart!

    Hate will never win!

    Love you all!

    Oh good all our belgians accounted for ok. Great attitude, the world needs colours winks and smiles!

  4. Thanks chelle

    It was/is so surreal. I'm just glad he's safe. He lives in the EU quarter,too .Told him to stay home tomorrow as well - he said they left it up to them whether or not they go to the office or work from home.

    Must be a big chock for you both when he escaped so close. I just read that a bomb with nails and an IS flag is found in a house tonight in Brussels suburb.

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