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  1. I can't manage to get through the entire album cause I just get stuck on this one on repeat SO GOOD
  2. I don't understand the overwhelming negativity. Sure, LAP vocals were bad, as they often are, let's be honest. We all know she can sing given the right circumstances, even recently, La Vie en Rose from RHT comes to mind. Everything from the end of LAP to the end I thought was fantastic! The spoken word part was amazing, getting me even more hyped for Dark Ballet, and Future was pretty good, became great because of the political message she was sending with it. Anywaaay, if anyone wants to watch it in HQ, here you go: https://www.svtplay.se/video/21980070/eurovision-song-contest-2019/eurovision-song-contest-2019-final-18-maj-21-00?highlight=mellanakt-med-madonna&position=10578&start=auto
  3. Omg easily the best song out of the three, love the X-static-like guitar opening
  4. What about the fact that I Rise is being released as a separate 7" picture disc in the box set? Planned to be a big single or not a single at all and therefore a collector's item?? Life Madame X is a mystery
  5. Oh ok, my bad. I attended the dress rehearsal earlier in the day (same day as the final) and no Justin there. Plenty of rehearsals lol
  6. I was actually at the final rehearsal for the Eurovision show that JT performed at, and he did not rehearse in front of an audience (they just mentioned at that point "this is where a special guest will perform"), so I doubt Madonna would.
  7. Front row heart! Lunice was as shitty as promised. Still waiting for wanna be starting
  8. I read somewhere else that the early entry wristbands are numbered and that way the order you're let in is decided. 1. Is this true? 2. Does this mmean you can go there in the morning, get a good number and then do something other then queueing all day - or do you have to stand outside the arena the entire time?
  9. Lol @ Act of contrition being included, and Depper and deeper is at least like 32 spots too low (This is obviously not everything that's weird, but oh well)
  10. Wash All Over Me Inside Out Living For Love Joan of Arc Holy Water (So weird to leave off Ghosttown, which is a GREAT second single!!)
  11. 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Illuminati 3. Bitch I'm Madonna (Weird how they were all included in the first six songs) 4. SEX 5. Borrowed Time That several people mention Wash All Over Me is completely mind blowing to me!!
  12. Seats for 250-1250 SEK General admission 695 SEK Golden Circle 995 SEK Got myself golden circle tickets!!
  13. The fact that she performed it at all when requested can't be a terrible sign!
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