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  1. Check your Gmail, luv! 😘 

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      Dankie! (Afrikaans for 'thanks' -- I do try and learn the lingo!)


  2. Love you, Tezza!! Miss you so much ... sorry I’ve been out of touch... Been thinkin’ boutcha because your birthday is coming up fast. Sounds like you won’t be home in Tasmania to receive your birthday card, but I’ll send my greetings to you now, so you’ll know I’m sending you festive wishes and celebratory sentiments! Love you so, so much. XOXO 😘 

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      You, too! I've been meaning to write you whilst here in Cape Town as I have wifi here (still living like its 1995 in Tassie!!), but I am the worst email writer in the known universe!!  Always thinking of you, mate.

      Thanks for the birthday message. You are SO good at birthdays, Christmas, etc., you are truly an angel!! Miss you, too.  I couldn't recall if the 'Peter' on this forum was/is you...though, the eloquent and informative posts truly highlight that it is you. 😘😘😘 I only ever come to this forum when on vacation and have regular access to the www.

      It has been a tough winter for me, so am glad to be here for 7 weeks in my spiritual home of South Africa. (Anthony and I are also going to Bali, after here.).

      I had SHINGLES for about 5 weeks in June/July...it was awful.  Also, Jackson passed away in September, which truly broke my heart. 😞  Burying him in the backyard was devastating. I know losing Samson was heartbreaking for you, too. *hugs*

      We still have Oprah, thank God.  I've also decided that 2019 will be my last year at work.  I've been with the bank 23 years now, can you believe!?!  Early retirement is on the cards. I wanna be 50, fab and full of love and life!  My soul has been destroyed in the corporate world!!

      Anyway, joy joy! Thanks for the message. I do post a lot on Instagram @zentezza -- I have 'followed' you, but looks like you very rarely go there!?

      Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Tez xxx


    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      Shame about the editing, but if it is what M wants....she gets!

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  4. Jesus Luz. I thought I'd share a little treat. 


  5. I think u have Beautiful hands💛💚💛💚

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      Bless you!  My Dalmatian dog Jackson accidentally got caught in a farmer's fox trap (the metal claw ones) once.  He was so distraught and in pain that when I rescued him he tore into my hands with his teeth!! Poor thing.  I came off worse than him!  Madonna would call them 'beautiful scars' in any case!



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