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  1. Loved Miles Away since that 10 seconds snippet leaked. Also, Give it 2 Me, She's Not Me and Beat Goes on are classic Madonna, I just don't get why people hate the record so much. It isn't her best but it's far for being her worst. I mean, has she ever done a bad record? Same goes for MDNA-haters, that album also had its hidden gems. I hate people who overanalyse everything and do not enjoy what made Madonna the artist she is.

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry for my ignorance but for all those who have purchased their tickets from outside the US and Canada, can you explain how the process of using printed tickets is? I mean, does the security staff check the printed tickets and verify some codes or something? I'm terribly afraid of not getting to see Madonna because of this since I've never seen Madonna out of my own country. Are there any risks? Please comment


  3. I attended the weirdest concert in Madonna's whole tours history: December 19, 2012.

    Pouring rain that didn't stop for about 7 hours, Madonna in her worst mood and worst attitude towards her fans ever, The show was 30 minutes shorter.

    Despite all of that, I was happy to see her for the second time and I didn't purchase the best ticket and my view was pretty amazing :smile:

  4. I was thinking about Barcerlona too, I mean there's a whole Spanish-themed section, she evens says 'Barcelona' instead of 'London' during Dress You Up so I guess it's a possibility. La Vie en Rose from Paris would amazing but isn't that too cliché? Shakira did that already :laugh:

  5. We already got these official video releases:

    Virgin Tour Detroit, USA

    Who's That Girl Tour Tokyio, Japan & Turin/Florence, Italy

    Blond Ambition Tour Yokohama, Japan & Nice, France plus documentary footage from Paris

    The Girlie Show Sydney, Australia

    Drowned World Detroit, USA

    Re-Invention Tour Documentary footage from Paris

    Confessions Tour London, UK

    Sticky & Sweet Tour Buenos Aires, Argentina

    MDNA World Tour Miami, USA (plus additional footage from all around the world)

    Where do you think she's going to film the Rebel Heart tour for future release?

    Will she give Asia or Australia a new chance??

    Place your bets :order:

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