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  1. I remember reading in a spanish newsaper that they were worried, in her camp, because her latest singles have been flopping (BS and HN) and that that was the reason to release YS with a safe proucer...you have to love some journalists!

    Spanish newspapers said she wouldn't do a bigger tour after Drowned World because 'she was getting old' :1251:

  2. I share on another board some of my thoughts on The Look of Love...

    Now that we're hearing that Ghosttown could be one of Rebel Heart's next singles, I just wanted to share something I noticed in December when the first 6 songs were released on iTunes... The thing is that the first seconds of Ghosttown remind me of The Look of Love! 3094wpe.gif but how could that be possible? Some may be wondering... Here's the proof, listen to the file I attached to the topic and see for yourselves: Patrick Leonard 80's nostalgia all over it. If I'm not mistaken, the track was extracted from the music on the Who's That Girl DVD, somebody separated the channels and created a virtual 'Score' collection from the tunes used in the film. Now, what do you think? Was it intentional? Or just plain coincidence? For me The Look of Love remains one of Madonna's finest ballads ever, unfairly ignored in the Something to Remember collection...

    You can download this WTG movie score exerpt here https://mega.nz/#!tFp2lb5A!XTxhqMk5LQnmxm9kfXueAa_pa7vHgyQ7j-xs0qhy09o

    What do you think?

  3. When 'Confessions' first came out and absolutely ruled my brain, I kept thinking because the production is so gorgeous, it would have been amazing to have an extended version of the album as a second edition, almost like 12" mixes, with some amazing breakdowns in the music, some extra vocals even, and sure, some full on mixes.

    I think a fan made some extended mixes of the songs back then and it was cool to hear... Anyway, I believe this would have been another cool edition of the album to buy.

    We have the Extended Version of Jump in the maxi single so extended mixes of each song must exist.

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