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  1. It was the first time I saw her live and I KNEW it wasn't her best tour but still gave us great performances:


    Into the Groove

    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

    Miles Away

    Like a Prayer (although I hate the mix, the crowd was ROARING in the whole stadium)

    Give It 2 Me

    The DVD has shitty studio vocals, give me her *unedited crow voice* ANY day. I prefer her rawness above all ;)

  2. This is my favorite scene in the film. My mom and I sing this one out loud together. It's so much fun. We drive my step-dad crazy when we watch Evita. We love singing together.

    Who hasn't upset some of the members in our families for being such Madonna addicts :dead:

  3. This has to be MY favourite Evita track ever! The way Eva sings when defending herself from all the criticism. I love Madonna's voice and the waltz break is just fantastic! The orchestra, the harps... :inlove:

    And finally when she admits her vulnerability is just so magical and so Madonna today in my opinion. There's something that tells me she wants to live forever but unfortunately she's just a human being, just like Eva was in the story portrayed in the movie.

    Oh what I'd give for a hundred years

    But the physical interferes
    Every day more, O my Creator
    What is the good of the strongest heart
    In a body that's falling apart?
    A serious flaw, I hope You know that


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