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  1. Have some of you already tried to make the connection between La Isla Bonita general concept to her appeareance on SNL back in '85?


    My favourite LIB costume is WTG

    My favourite live vocals is DWT

    My favourite choreography and the one I replicate when I dance to it is GS

    The moment when she chases the dancers through the runway at the CT is great too

  2. cosmic, not an EP, but the six tracks were released as part of the album pre-order- a nice fan gesture, but not a great strategic move, putting the six tracks out there and sitting on them until first-single promotion (radio and otherwise) kicked in. Not that the music would have smashed, but it probably would have performed a bit better under regular circumstances. At least LFL was withheld in the UK.

    Chelle- yes, some Santa Baby would be excellent. :)

    But it was still a great Christmas gift and I recall many people purchasing the songs so...

  3. LFL is not overproduced. It's perfection!

    The only thing I dislike about the Living for Love album version is the unnecessarily processed Madonna vocals (they were already great on the demo) and that shitty abrupt ending (the revised leaked version is better), and also the video effects give the song a more exciting feeling.

  4. The greatest thing about this demo is how good every verse sounds, how the words rhyme and how Madonna sings them. Love everything about the feeling this songs creates. The demo definitely needed rework as it sounded it was going nowhere. Sad she doesn't perform this on tour though :mellow:

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