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  1. 2 hours ago, Alvarø said:

    That's what I want from M: good quaility on the go and the chance to get more content like David Bowie's state does. Commentaries on songs, podcasts, some demos and B-sides, single and radio edits, alternate vertical videos, lyrics videos, a gallery of pictures... ugh, managed correctly, streaming apps could be a great place for her fans to get more content that it's difficult to get on other platforms.

    * sighs*

    Madonna's "team" has neglected this aspect of her legacy and it's already unbearable. No wonder a lot of unrealeased stuff has been leaking. If only "they" were smarter enough, we wouldn't have to be downloading all the demos and alternate takes illegally. Let's think about all the missed opportunities throughout the years: The First Album 30th anniversary, Like a Virgin 30th anniversary, True Blue 30th anniversary, and the latest one Like a Prayer 30th anniversary. It's a real shame. It's hilarious how "they" believe selling useless candles and pillows on her official online store will keep fans (the only ones buying this shit) happy.

  2. Does anybody else feel terrified about the fact Madonna's invested a lot of time promoting that damn cream instead of focusing 100% on the new record? I've never been against the idea of her exploring other areas, lucrative or not, apart from music and videos that interest her. It's just that I can't forget the comments William Orbit made after the MDNA album about her being distracted by other projects, therefore its disastrous performance.

  3. but seriously where did this rumor come from?

    The Mexico rumours are not more than assumptions made by fans on this very board, and I'd really like it to happen. We'll see about it next week... there's something that tells me she won't be filming in any of the Asian countries anymore so Australia sounds plausible.

  4. The inclusion of the edited versions is interesting, if you didn't want to spend money to get all those CD singles well you can give this collection a chance. This concept would have made Celebration more appealing to fans :(

  5. Believe it or not I heard Deeper and Deeper and Erotica for the first time with this CD!!! I had only heard snippets on the Thunderpuss megamix (which strangely wasn't a bonus track) and was so curious about those old songs :mellow: I agree with almost everything everybody says about this compilation, including the messed order of the tracks, hate it :angry: But for the casual fan it isn't that terrible either :blush:

    Edit: I've just put the CD on the stereo and fuck, that Deeper and Deeper dramatic intro is the shit!!!!


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