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  1. In 2012 I was in the pouring rain waiting for 8 hours to see her perform and discover she wouldn't do the whole show as promoted. As a result, I spent New Year's Eve with a cold.

    In 2008 I got sick because of the high temperatures while queuing to enter the stadum where she was performing, I almost fainted when I got close to the stage and decided to give up my position because of the stupid people around me.

    Well, basically I've spent a shitload of money trying to gather all her CD singles and albums, including cassettes, and videos.

  2. Rebel Heart >>> COADF

    I feel like Rebel Heart is the album we should have got after American Life.

    I agree, but it's Madonna we're talking about, kinda always ahead of the times, even if her new sound isn't as innovative as in the past. For example, Hard Candy could have done so much better in terms of appreciation if it had been released during the Blurred Lines/Get Lucky/Happy Pharrel's eras. Confessions could have slayed Lady Gaga's Fame and Fame Monster releases during 2008-2009 cause COADF songs are based on timeless old songs. MDNA should have been released in 2010 cause Benny Benassi was doing the same GGW music and it was cool back then. So there you are guys, the problem with Madonna's latest records has been their bad timing, same as with the singles :D

  3. Madonna = Holiday

    Like a Virgin = Like a Virgin

    True Blue = Live to Tell

    Like a Prayer = Like a Prayer

    Erotica = Erotica

    Bedtime Stories = Human Nature

    Ray of Light = Drowned World

    Music = Don't Tell Me

    American Life = Nobody Knows Me

    COADF = Get Together

    Hard Candy = Beat Goes On

    MDNA = I'm Addicted

    Rebel Heart = Joan of Arc

  4. I chased them on Ebay for a few months, the hardest to get was, of course, Hard Candy which was sent from Indonesia (COADF is also from there). American Life is from Malaysia.

    I started collecting cassettes in the early 2000s, that's the way I got to know Madonna in the first place cause CDs were still quite expensive here in Chile. After 15 years I can say I got all her albums in this lovely format. There are also the 80's releases made in Chile that don't appear on those MadonnaUnderground pics. They have all the titles songs translated into Spanish, I think this happened in Argentina too.

    I've got a few British cassingles from the ROL and MUSIC eras.

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