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  1. She could easily open 6 dates in Mexico. 2 in Monterrey, 2 in Guadalajara, 2 in Mexico city... Unfortunately, I believe Mexico Arena's not promoted by OCCESA the company that has always brought her in the past. So I don't think this could happen.

    Same happens in Chile, a Spanish telephone company called Movistar is the owner of the Arena we have in Santiago but the telephone company that has sponsored her at the National Stadium is Entel :mellow: However, T4F has made deals with Movistar in other artists' tours.

  2. It's concrete - Time 4 Fun are in talks. If there were no chances for a Brazilian leg, why would they be talking to prefectures? And if there are chances for Brazil - and there are - there are chances for other South American countries (Argentina, Colombia - are Chilean fans still too pissed with her?) as well. :)

    People from Chile forget easily... If she uses arenas (we do have arenas), there's no way she couldn't sell out 2 nights.

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