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  1. Such a boys club pick. And yes, the man is a career conservative who is a fervent catholic and doesn’t even believe in contraception. BUT THE ECONOMY!

    The false narrative of our LNP being economic warriors wins again.

    I wasn’t a fan of Gladys but the personality cult that surrounds her is unbelievable here in Sydney. I’m astounded by the amount of gay men who stan for her, that’s what you get with Murdoch media and her unedifying appearances on the Kyle & Jackie O radio show. It seems pseudo intellectual when they say they like her without having any concept that she was the leader of the Conservative party and under investigation for corruption, but this is the scary world we live in.

    The same people don’t seem to question why a right wing woman who is unmarried and childless is considered ‘independent’ but someone like Julia Gillard had her partners sexuality questioned, was called ‘heartless’ for not having children, and indeed her own leadership abilities were called into question for the very reason she never had children.

    Anyhow rant over!

  2. I’m in Sydney so have been back in lockdown for a little while now. There were people out protesting today in the city against lockdowns citing ‘government control’  and I couldn’t eye roll any harder. Public health restrictions is not government overreach - government control is the systematic defunding of services like health and education, tax breaks for the wealthy while people on benefits starve, and denying any rise in superannuation (pension funds in Australia) while politicians take home an obscene amount of money. The Murdoch rot is well and truly here.

    I have no children, live alone, and am able to work from home so I really can’t complain. I do have to say that I’m missing physical hugs though. And thanks to these pseudo intellectuals today out in mass, the lockdown will only be further extended if our cases spike.

  3. I find it interesting that someone like Cummings who helped gaslight a nation to achieve Brexit is now doing the same to his former ‘friends’. Unsurprising when they’re all such bottom feeders.

    He’ll obviously do and say anything to complete an agenda.

    Not that I believe a word Boris says either. I don’t think any of them are going anywhere though sadly.

  4. 4 hours ago, Kim said:

    I'm not the best person to answer this as I'm in Scotland where Labour have been wiped off the political landscape but from what I gather the more left wing of the party aren't happy that he's such a centrist (leaning right) and that his solution to regain working class seats lost in the last election is to emulate the Tories rather than offer up a progressive alternative. Meanwhile they're going nowhere in the polls and are just really ineffective opposition.

    Their latest wheeze was a leaked strategy document all about focusing on patriotism, the UK flag, veterans, 'traditional values' etc to win back voters, which doesn't exactly ignite the young, BAME etc.

    Starmer doesn't really get attacked at all from the msm as he's not a threat to the status quo like Corbyn. If anything, he just gets ignored.

    Ok thanks... so he sounds like a Blairite.

  5. On 2/3/2021 at 3:04 AM, Kim said:

    Politics Joe are great at those parodies!  Here's their latest about useless Labour and their ageing Ken doll leader -


    I don’t live in the UK but what is the consensus about Kier Starmer? On paper we he sounds okay (and surely anything is better than the tories) but obviously that’s no indication. Do the press attack him as much as Corbyn was?


  6. On 1/22/2021 at 12:15 PM, Jazzy Jan said:

    So many Mentally ill and paranoid people have been led a merry dance by these dangerous groups. I think in the future, becoming “ addicted “ to believing outrageous conspiracy theories will be both listed as a mental illness and a form of addiction.  I am not defending them but they are clearly unhinged. 

    I agree with you. I’ve noticed the people in my life who have an addictive type of personality really go down this rabbit hole and drink the kool aid. Couple that with a variety of environmental factors and it just compounds it.

    I used to make jokes about these type of voters having a chemical imbalance but now I’m not so sure it’s a joke anymore.

  7. On 10/26/2020 at 4:08 PM, Jazzy Jan said:

    Victoria is opening up again tomorrow after a long lockdown. 🎉👏❤️ So proud of our state. No new cases. 

    I’m so happy for Victoria...! 

    I’m in NSW, hopefully we Aussies are on the track towards eradication. I feel superficial saying this but I miss dancing in clubs.

    My heart goes out to my euro friends.

  8. On 9/4/2020 at 6:43 PM, Jazzy Jan said:

    How low can Boris and his cronies go. Australia’s ex PM Tony Abbott being the front runner as the “trade advisor” for Brexit. He recently advised that all nations should stop lockdowns and let nature take it’s course with elderly people. He campaigned against same sex marriage, is a passionate climate change denier and a well known misogynist.  

    Another white middle aged man being rewarded for his prior and established incompetence by the boys club. Take as old as time sadly.

    Hes literally the worst.

  9. From the Guardian:



    Concern is growing that a woefully inadequate health system will leave Malawi unable to cope when Covid-19 arrives.

    In Malawi only 20 people a day can be tested for the virus, and there are just 25 intensive care unit beds and seven ventilators in the country of more than 18 million people, John Vidal reports in this piece for the Guardian.

    Since February, however, the government has been racing to curb Covid’s arrival.

    It has wheeled out a £24m preparedness plan, suspended international flights, banned weddings and gatherings of more than 100 people, closed schools and universities, and is making anyone arriving from Europe, China, or the US self-isolate.

    According to the ministry of health, 4,603 people who have entered the country in the past few weeks are “under surveillance”.

  10. I don’t hate the vocoder effect but I can be picky with it. Some songs it feels like an extremely natural fit and is part of the sonic landscape.

    Other times I find it too muffled, particularly on Future and in parts of GC. I know that was an artistic choice so accept it but would prefer if the lyrics got a chance to resonate clearly, vocoder or not.

    Batuka is one of my faves on the album but I have found myself wondering what it would sound like with less vocoder and perhaps in a deeper register... something like the demo of Its So Cool. 

    I agree with what someone suggested earlier with using less effects live. I think to the casual listener they just think she’s miming. She posted an IG clip or story a while back of Batuka being rehearsed and she was using her lovely deeper live vox so hopefully we get to hear more of that.

  11. 5 hours ago, MLVC82 said:

    So here's what I think.......VOGUE was PERFECTION and a great opener...but I do feel she needed either HUNG UP, INTO THE GROOVE, EXPRESS YOURSELF or MUSIC in there...either as a closer or between god Control and I rise......this crowd was here for a PARTY and a CELEBRATION.....YES! I agree she's a freedom fighter..and she has a message...and i'm all for EVERYTHING she stands for....but she needed a PUNCH in there......a real PARTY pleaser.......just to remind everybody how much they adore her....and leave them wanting more.....

    So all in all i feel this setlist was missing one more crowd pleasing spectacular number....

    What do you think?

    Agree completely. Music as a closer would have rounded it off perfectly, plus it’s another Mirwais song so would have fit well.

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