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  1. Madame X Playlist: I sometimes find the flow a little disruptive and wanted to incorporate the additional tracks. Made a playlist in this order and kinda like how it flows. Even on a loop there is a nice flow from I Rise back into into Dark Ballet. Give it a try.... or not ... Dark Ballet Killers Extreme Occident God Control Future Batuka Crave Crazy Come Alive Funana Medellin Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca Soltera Back That Up Ciao Bella I don't search I find Looking for Mercy I Rise Has anyone else made their own Madame X playlist? What's your
  2. Maybe a demo mix that changed. Doesn’t sound the same to me.
  3. Has to be a single, because it’s the one song that is blocked just about everywhere. They are policing this one.
  4. Yeah, this song sounds like she’s talking right to you, as if it’s a conversation set to music.
  5. But those long drawn out static notes aren’t in the song. Maybe just for the promo.
  6. I went to the far right Then I went to the far left I tried to recover my center of gravity I guess I’m lost, I had to pay the cost The thing that hurt me most, was that I wasn’t lost. I came from the midwest Then I went to the Far East I tried to discover my own identity I guess I’m lost, I paid a handsome cost The thing that hurt the most, was that I wasn’t lost I WASN’T LOST No, I wasn’t lost, it was a different feeling A mix of lucidity and craziness But I wasn’t lost, believe me I was right And I’v
  7. Does anyone know which track has the slow drawn out notes from the first Madame x teaser? I haven’t heard every song yet. I’m also wondering if the track from her instagram (estere doesn’t like the music) made it. ??
  8. Wait. What did I just hear? I oddly think this is my fav so far.
  9. Is this the "Esthere doesn't like the music" post song???
  10. Who’s heard the audio track? How different is if from the video?
  11. I also just noticed that the talking parts over some of the promo clips don’t match up... hmme.
  12. Whether or not anyone likes the song, this video is a return to form. This time, it looks like she cared, went the extra mile and executed a vision. The video is stunning. Love that she only appears for a few seconds. I missed her completely during the first two watches. I’ve been waiting for a bedtime story, frozen, rain, NRM, caliber video for a long long time. It’s not like these other videos in visuals, but in thought and execution. Bring it on! More please. Visual album? Could be! Strictly speculation: could the video with the women on the beach be a continuation? Next song chronol
  13. Upon more listens, I already like it more and more. I like that this album challenges the first listen litmus test. Many of my favorite M songs across the decades have been ones that I didn’t like at first listen.
  14. Heard it. Solid track. Least fav so far, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it and that could always change with more listens. Love how different it sounds. Love the don’t tell me references. Mellow reaggae vibe. More great production. Maybe a little too vocoders. Will probably turn many in the forum off.
  15. Looks like she’s recreating the Met Gala performance.
  16. I happen to really like Starrah. If you are waiting for Friday and need a little taste, check out Starrah “imperfections”.. Crave is a smoother less trendy variation.
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