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  1. I remember watching Dance Party USA everyday after school, I want to say it was on at 3 or 4.

    I wish Madonna had released it as a single in 1988, I think it definitely would have done well. WB really should have released a few more singles in the U.S. and Madonna would have probably had more #1s than Mariah.

    Spotlight, Look of Love, Where's the Party, Can't Stop would have all been good choices for 1988.

  2. The facts -

    Guy is an alcoholic/bipolar who is rich and not a disciplinarian.

    Madonna demands school and discipline of her children.

    OF COURSE he wants to stay with his father and LEGALLY he should NOT be allowed to.

    Fifteen years olds will always choose the FUN parent and that's why there are custody laws.


    Not quite, the opinion of children over the age of 13/14 is usually given more weight in court and they are usually interviewed by a judge. If Rocco were to petition the court to live with his father, it would not be unheard of for the court to grant him this wish. In that respect, Madonna is better off avoiding the whole mess and letting him have his wish, until he changes his mind.

  3. I do remember listening to the song and really liking it. It probably wasn't released because they didn't want to flood the market with Madonna, her songs were constantly on the radio back then. I think that's why Into the Groove wasn't released as a single as well.

  4. They hang out once in a while, but I think the press keeps blowing up every time they hang out together. They haven't been married in 26 years. Though at 4:07 his reaction to talking about Madonna is interesting below, keep in mind this was in 1995.

  5. The show looks great from what I've seen, I especially love that she sings Love Don't Live Here Anymore, definitely one of my all time favourites of hers. The only thing I'd change would be to have Who's That Girl be sung more upbeat, as I loved the late 80s sound of the original.

  6. Here's my list, most of these songs I chose because listening to them takes me back to a place and time in my life when they were released or when I first bought the LP. La Isla Bonita for instance takes me back to my birthday in 1987. A lot of the songs were played heavily during my summers growing up, listening to Madonna on the radio.

    1. Open Your Heart

    2. La Isla Bonita

    3. Like a Virgin

    4. Papa Don’t Preach

    5. Express Yourself

    6. Causing a Commotion

    7. Vogue

    8. Take a Bow

    9. Bad Girl

    10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

    11. Into the Groove

    12. Secret

    13. Crazy For You

    14. Physical Attraction

    15. Rain

    16. Look of Love

    17. Like a Prayer

    18. Gambler

    19. Angel

    20. Girl Gone Wild

    21. Spotlight

    22. Live to Tell

    23. Oh Father

    24. Think of Me

    25. Burning Up

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