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  1. I remember watching Dance Party USA everyday after school, I want to say it was on at 3 or 4. I wish Madonna had released it as a single in 1988, I think it definitely would have done well. WB really should have released a few more singles in the U.S. and Madonna would have probably had more #1s than Mariah. Spotlight, Look of Love, Where's the Party, Can't Stop would have all been good choices for 1988.
  2. Am I the only one who finds Donald Trump amusing and isn't really worried about him actually becoming president?
  3. I've never really cared too much about Madonna's personal life, but with teens it's probably better to let him stay with dad without making a big fuss. He's 15, and afaik he could go to court and choose to live with Guy. For her sake, I think she's better off avoiding that all together.
  4. I remember hearing Don't Stop played on the radio at that time.
  5. Bedtime Stories, though I like the Confessions version too. I can definitely relate to the lyrics and I love when Babyface sings: "Don't go near the fire, don't go in the dark" "Don't give in to your desire, 'cause he's gonna break your heart"
  6. 1. True Blue 2. Bedtime Stories 3. Madonna
  7. I do remember listening to the song and really liking it. It probably wasn't released because they didn't want to flood the market with Madonna, her songs were constantly on the radio back then. I think that's why Into the Groove wasn't released as a single as well.
  8. I loved this at the time and remember that TAB was such a huge hit in the U.S. being played on the radio constantly and the video in heavy rotation on MTV & VH1.
  9. That is interesting because exes usually only put one another down when they still have feeling for each other. When you're over your ex usually you simply just don't care enough to bad mouth them.
  10. They hang out once in a while, but I think the press keeps blowing up every time they hang out together. They haven't been married in 26 years. Though at 4:07 his reaction to talking about Madonna is interesting below, keep in mind this was in 1995.
  11. The show looks great from what I've seen, I especially love that she sings Love Don't Live Here Anymore, definitely one of my all time favourites of hers. The only thing I'd change would be to have Who's That Girl be sung more upbeat, as I loved the late 80s sound of the original.
  12. I love this song and the demos, it brings me back to 1993/1994 Madonna. I know I maybe in the minority here but Bedtime Stories has some of my favourite tracks by M. I'm not sure what it is about the song but the music has a very early 90s R&B vibe to it with a bit of early 90s trance too.
  13. I think some of the songs definitely are like Hung Up and Sorry, they have a very Euro-gay vibe to them, like they would have been played constantly G.A.Y. in London.
  14. I really love Toni's last album, and though it was not very popular in the U.S. I think Madonna is above all that and I can see her offering Toni support.
  15. I love the short platinum blonde hair, I kind of wish M would bring it back at some point. Susan Powter also rocked it.
  16. I think Prince, not that I'd want to see him in the act, but just because I think the media would go wild.
  17. Here's my list, most of these songs I chose because listening to them takes me back to a place and time in my life when they were released or when I first bought the LP. La Isla Bonita for instance takes me back to my birthday in 1987. A lot of the songs were played heavily during my summers growing up, listening to Madonna on the radio. 1. Open Your Heart 2. La Isla Bonita 3. Like a Virgin 4. Papa Don’t Preach 5. Express Yourself 6. Causing a Commotion 7. Vogue 8. Take a Bow 9. Bad Girl 10. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 11. I
  18. I remember when Borderline and Lucky Star were playing on the radio, I think summer of 1984 and I loved Lucky Star, then when Like a Virgin and Material Girl came out I was hooked. I used to love hearing her songs on the radio and on MTV.
  19. It's such a good song, the WTG era was so much fun and Madonna seemed to be on the radio constantly, during the summer/autumn of 1987. The songs from the movie soundtrack are still some of my faves.
  20. This song always reminds me of school dances in the 80s, especially the prom.
  21. That interview really did fly by. Despite some people not liking him, Howard is an amazing interviewer, and I'm glad that she didn't come off bitchy, and seemed down to earth, showing a little bit of her vulnerable side at times.
  22. I like that he's saying she's the highest selling female artist of all time.
  23. I hope she does Who's That Girl or Causing a Commotion on her next tour. I also love Look of Love, it's such an underrated ballad. I also agree that Spotlight should have been a single.
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