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  1. I wish she would post a little more of the twins goofing off and yelling over each other on her ig. I’d also love if she would go live for an entire Benfica soccer match on the weekends, I think she could grow her followers that way. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Economy said:

    That's why I don't follow too many ppl on Instagram (even celebrities). They bombard u with meaningless crap


    Back on topic, I hope we get songs sounding like Addicted from MDNA. That was my fav madonna song in a while

    I’m shocked ppl see Instagram as a burden. What r your thoughts on posting on other pop music forums?

  3. 5 minutes ago, p4_trulo said:

    Yeah but Portugal is more way  cheap in rent that  Ca xD and next to Spain wich is quite expensive to leavetoo  . Portugal is a secret economic spot to live in Europe  cuz u have a lot of privileges , culture , freedom  of speech and et al . and way cheaper thant the rest of the countries of Europe;   probably forgot that weed is legal in CA too cuz i just smoked a legal joint lol xD muack 🙂. and i said to move there just for a bit , if only i were more rich to go back and forward like M is able to do between the two continents 



  4. 16 minutes ago, peppermint said:

    How do we know Maluma is in bed with her?, am I missing something?

    If you Look to the right hand side of this picture you will notice what appears to be Malumas facial hair and eyebrows. 

    She’s still Sunday dreaming about his glory pole 🍆 

  5. 13 hours ago, peter said:

    :biggrin: :inlove: :brenspin: :kiss2: :wow:  :angel: :chuckle: YES!!!

    Me trying to be funny


    13 hours ago, animalinstinct said:

    Have you seen Maluma’s Youtube views? 😲

    Yes, they are amazing. He sells out on YouTube 


    5 hours ago, p4_trulo said:

    Its all related to her spirituality guided by kabbalah , it pre dates monoteysm religions and its guided by numerology , star movementste (astrology wich is quite related to numerology) zohar , talmud , her name also has a contrapart in the lower "dark side" as there are 72 names of god in Cabala there are also 72 names for "satan" (demons) in her name (lady virgin ) she has her "dark opposite like Isis ,  Isthar(esther ) " ( the black madonna session for original hard candy álbum cover that was scraped cuz only like 10 % would had understood  [said by herself once] with steven klein i think )and Caballa also studies nano technology and quantom physycs (neutrines) wich is straight related to vibrations and frequencies in the 99% of free space between atoms ( what its between the "empty space " of neutrons , electrons , protons) . ITS DARK ish COOL SHIT ( im digging on this isotopes and this metaphysics shit its dope. ) ❤💜💙💚💛 shes has 140 iq for a good reason : ) #magic#music#soon 

    Can u put all this info to use to figure out how long #soon means in her mind please. 

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