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  1. I’ll be home soon babe,

  2. I'm listening to Older by George Michael  rn and the album still sounds as fresh as it did back in the 90's. Fuck I love this man💚



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    2. spotlight
    3. spotlight


      I hope that key moments of the tour do not get cut just to have this nonsense in the showtime broadcast


    4. Butter9
  4. Thx for the follow back :brenspin::inlove:

    1. Monkey


      I don't use the social media section of this forum so often. but of course i follow you back mon ami.

    2. spotlight
  5. I think u have Beautiful hands💛💚💛💚

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      Bless you!  My Dalmatian dog Jackson accidentally got caught in a farmer's fox trap (the metal claw ones) once.  He was so distraught and in pain that when I rescued him he tore into my hands with his teeth!! Poor thing.  I came off worse than him!  Madonna would call them 'beautiful scars' in any case!



    2. spotlight


      I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Jackson. That's awful. I hope he's doing well though. 

      🎶🎵🎶If scares could go away what would your body say🎵🎶🎵

  6. @david86 just found a working link to the strike a pose documentary. 

    Here it is friends:


  7. Comment se fait-il que tu n'as que 50 "posts" maintenant? J'avais l'impression que tu étais un "forum god" avec 10 000< commentaires. Un nouveau compte??????

  8. I'd like to put u in a trance🔥

  9. Everybody in this party 

    shinning like illuminati:headbang:

  10. Your one sexy motherfucker:inlove:

    1. spazz


      :inlove: you are a Greek God

  11. Who needs the sun when the rain is so full of light?

  12. 💋.  Welcome back A.!

    1. anastaza


      Thanks!!!  So glad our little home is back up and running! :brenspin::inlove:

  13. I just hope I don't die before September ninth!

    1. 5iVe Elements

      5iVe Elements

      lol... the date is near

    2. spotlight


      With my luck. U never know!!! I ❤️ U 5ive. Just in case I do not make it!!!

    3. 5iVe Elements

      5iVe Elements

      Oh! You made it. Yay! Love you too.

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